Top 5 Resources on Synthetic phonics for home based online ESL teachers


The following sites have proven to be the most reliable sources for synthetic phonics for home based ESL teaching. They all provide great features and this makes them part of our top 5 list

Very effective and reliable site for information on Synthetic Phonics.


2. This is a great video on Synthetic Phonics sounds.

English Phonics Sounds



This site offers great programs on Synthetic Phonics and it has a large number of interesting articles and papers.


Another excellent source and it also has a message board for great discussions.


How to set up and use the Phonics International programme

This is a very good site with a great training course for those interested in learning all they can about Synthetic Phonics.


Please let me know if you have any other resources for teaching Synthetic Phonics! I will add them to the list. Happy Teaching!


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