Stupid things to avoid when teaching English online from home


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The process of teaching online is a bit different from teaching ESL students who are in the same room as you are. There are some mistakes that many online teachers make that can be easily avoided. In this article, we are going to give you some details on the things that you need to keep in mind when teaching ESL online.

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Bad microphone placement: Your students might not be hearing you properly if your microphone is not placed in the right place at the right angle. Always do a quick check and ask the online student or students if they can hear you clearly.

Bad camera placement: Just like it happens with the microphone, your camera could be at a bad angle that is not optimal for students to see you. Sometimes it is too high or low. If the camera is placed too high then it might look like you are always falling asleep when teaching.

Optimal lighting: If you don’t have the right light setup then the students will see shadows. This might make it difficult for the student to see your face when you’re trying to correct them and show them how to pronounce certain words.

 Not giving students time to talk: Avoid over talking and always ask your students questions after you say a few important things. Take your time and give them a chance to respond or ask questions. If it is a low-level student write on the slide and show them pictures so they can understand what you are saying. This is what I do for the lower level students.

Making sure you have the best equipment. You don’t want a student not booking your lesson because of technical problems. Remember teaching online is your small business and treat it as one. That way you can become successful and leave the rat race behind you.

SIGN UP NOW and Receive our FREE 14-day Online ESL Mentoring Series

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