How to stay healthy while teaching English online from home

It can be easy to neglect your health when you are teaching ESL online from home but that can be a huge mistake to make. If you stop exercising and taking care of your health, your energy levels will also be quite low and you won’t have the enthusiasm you need in order to teach and inspire your students. If that happens then it might be the 6 cups of coffee day. I have had a few of them!

The best way to maintain your health if you have very little time to work out is to take 5 or 10  minutes before you shower. Try the the Ultimate 5 minute Morning Workout before class. You can do the 30 second intervals between classes that are in The 5-Minute Morning Workout. 


Furthermore, the key to good health is taking the proper vitamins and supplements. I teach more than 70 hours per week. Sometimes I get very tired. I tried GNC Mega Men and Centrum. They just didn’t work for me. My wife was using Jeunesse AM/PM and the Reserve product (it is like juice). It worked for me! I have the energy level now to keep up with my students and their AM/PM product helps me sleep at night. 


Lastly, if you feel that you need a break and sometimes we do. What I do is reduce my class load for a few days to do stuff with my family or go see a movie to get my energy back. Sometimes you just need to get more sleep.

If anyone has other workouts, tricks, or supplements to for keeping health while teaching ESL online from home please let me know. I will add them to the article or create a new article with them in it. Thanks and Happy Teaching!


Teach ESL Online from Home



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