Some Advantages and Disadvantages to Learning ESL Online


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Learning ESL online allows students to learn through the use of technology. Some online ESL classrooms use Skype, Zoom, QQ, or Wix. More and more schools today are creating their own online platforms. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to learning ESL online.

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Firstly, with digital technology, virtual ESL classes are very popular today. More and more students are learning ESL online. But, an important part of actually participating in school is the socialization which comes along with spending time with peers, no matter what their age. Just as a disadvantage to home schooling is the insufficient socialization for the students, learning through an online ESL classroom offers the same disadvantage. But many online classes now offer group classes. Online ESL students can have breakout rooms so they can work on a class task. Also, some ESL schools are offering classes with up to 5 ESL students in each class. So digital technology is making online classes more sociable and interactive than ever before.
Secondly, you might be capable to learn a whole lot at home as well as on one’s own schedule. Many schools might offer online classes that aren’t in your area or better classes at cheaper prices. Taking online ESL classes are becoming the norm because it gives parents and teachers more flexibility. Also, this gives parents access to better teachers.

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Thirdly, sometimes technology issues arise and they are really annoying, but if they take place when ESL students are in the middle of attending a virtual ESL course, they can be incredibly tumultuous. This is why online ESL students need to have a backup internet and computer. But you need to be motivated to learn ESL online as well. Although not everybody enjoys rising early and actually attending school, the construction of conventional schooling may benefit some ESL students. Taking web-based ESL courses through a virtual classroom calls for a large amount of self-discipline.
Fourthly, If you are predisposed towards procrastination, a virtual classroom setting might not be for you. Although some subjects are theoretical and may be taught efficiently online, others require hands-on learning. Many subjects don’t lend themselves well to virtual classrooms since they’re best learned through actually experiencing something. Though virtual classrooms make it possible for online ESL students to chat with teachers along with other students online, it isn’t the same as standing face to face with an online ESL teacher.
Finally, learning ESL online has to be right for you. It is a big investment for both the parents and teachers. Learning ESL online gives parents better access to teachers. It gives them the flexibility in scheduling for both the online ESL teachers and parents. Teaching ESL online and learning online is the future of the ESL industry.

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One thought on “Some Advantages and Disadvantages to Learning ESL Online”

  1. We just took in a foreign exchange student, and she is wanting to better her English. It’s good to know that if she were to take ESL classes online, there will be benefits for her to do it this way. I think it will be great for her to do this at her own time, and when she gets the chance. This is something that I am going to tell her about.


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