Now is the Time to Start Teaching ESL Online from Home


Online ESL Job

Teaching ESL online is an excellent profession to be trained for. Clearly, to do well, you have to possess the love of teaching or the expertise might become depressing, but for those that enjoy this kind of job, then it is the chance of a lifetime. English Teachers who travel the world educating get to try living in several countries and have to acclimate to the different climates, cultures, and cuisine among other things. If it’s a first time teaching experience then it may be rather hard.

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This is the reason some select teaching English online. Others have done the traveling before attempting Online ESL teaching and want to stay in one country for a while. Some online ESL jobs are better paying as well due to being an online ESL company with less overhead. There aren’t any flights or lodgings to cover so the schools can make up for this in the wages. Whilst the people who’ve more expertise lineup online ESL jobs with better wages. Those that work constantly for 3-4 years will make their way-up to the highest wages.

There are plenty of jobs available that you could find online simply by using different search engines. Some require a university degree and certification to teach English online as an additional language while others only need one of those. Most will need the second one, but there are a lot of schools that provide those courses. English Teachers are wanted online with hundreds of companies. More individuals are realizing that to enter the global economy, they need to talk at least some English. This is an excellent career opportunity specifically for native English speakers. When you’re teaching English online, you can be wherever you want and usually it’s not going to make any difference so long as you meet the qualifications.

Right now is the time to make the transition from classroom to online teachers. Companies in China are putting billions of dollars into Online Teaching. If you get in now and build a solid student based you will be able to make a full-time income from home and even more.

Last year I made $75,000 teaching ESL online from home and you can do it too. I’m just a normal ESL teacher with a passion for teaching. You can teach ESL online from anywhere and you’re in control of where and when you work. Happy Teaching!

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6 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Start Teaching ESL Online from Home”

  1. Wow! Did you really make 75K a year for teaching ESL?
    Can you publish a more detailed post on that?
    What is the process, how much time a day does it take you?


    1. As for me – I would also like to know how much time and money did you spend learn language yourself? Or is it your native language? Was it difficult to get this job? What are the requirements?


      1. English is my Native Language. VIPKID hires less than 30% of applicants. I had to do 2 Demo lessons. I passed the 2nd one. You have to be from North American and have a bachelors degree.


  2. “There are plenty of jobs available that you could find on-line simply by using different search engines” – please provide more information and real examples on it? How to chose a website? Should I make my choice based on reviews?


    1. What I do when looking for a job is:
      1. Review the companies website and get all the information I can on pay, hours etc.
      2. Then I look at Glassdoor to see the review about the company.
      3. Then I search the internet to find out what other teacher think. I post on different ESL forums on Facebook to see if anyone has more information about them or has worked for them.


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