The Dilemma: Teach English Online with a Chinese Company OR Teach English in China?


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English teachers in China may take interest in teaching English online. There are various web sites now that feature Online English jobs with Chinese companies due to increased demand. Demand for English teachers in China is high since Chinese schools, sadly, are overcrowded and Chinese English teachers aren’t as skilled in English. This is why Chinese people of varying ages are constantly trying to find English teachers who will train them to be proficient in English.

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Here is a list of websites that have Online English Teaching Jobs and some of them are with Chinese companies:

Some English teaching jobs are in regular Chinese schools which want their students to be proficient in English. Someone who wants to become an English teacher in China should learn a little Chinese as well. This would help that individual communicate English language concepts to her or his students better. If you don’t know Chinese, all isn’t lost since you may still find openings for those who are only skilled in English. But you have to be careful about where you select to instruct, as an English teacher in China.

Furthermore, just like teaching English in China you must select your Online English school carefully. The ESL industry has many shady schools and some that don’t pay on-time or at all. While others take unexpected deductions Also, learning about the culture and the language will help.

If you decide to teach in China, it is best if you sign up with a language school that has truly a good standing in the international language teaching community and pays on time. You should review Glassdoor and other sites to see the teachers review of the school you are applying. You may also want to get a position as a personal tutor for Chinese kids, especially those who are of elementary school age.

In addition, you may want to find a good Online English school. To do this you need to get involved in online ESL group on Facebook etc. Also, create a good ESL network of teachers that you can trust and go to if you need help. Try to find a mentor or someone that can guide you on your online teaching journey. This is a great way to find the best English teaching position online.

However, If you know your way around China, you might take a greater risk of being truly a freelance English language instructor. This gives you the benefit to take on more contracts than a worker position will allow. But this could be tricky based on your visa status. You can also freelance part-time online English teacher. This is a great way to add to your income without having to travel to meet student and the hassle of going from one school to the next.
Teaching English online gives you more flexibility than in a language school. In an English language school, you have to commit to a semester at a time or longer. When teaching English online you can change your schedule from week to week. This gives you the flexibility that you need in your life. Traditional English teaching jobs don’t give you the flexibility you need in today’s fast-paced environment.

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2 thoughts on “The Dilemma: Teach English Online with a Chinese Company OR Teach English in China?”

  1. Guys, in my own opinion, whatever way you choose to learn any foreign language, you need to go that country and spend some time there! Pronunciation is very and very important!!!


    1. Dave, fully agree!
      Have seen plenty of times when people after teaching English online know plenty of words but no one can understand them!


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