How To Teach Online Business English


This is my method for teaching business English online. I use idioms for business. I have created a page with business idiom conversations.

Idioms for Business – Best Business Idioms List


In case your students haven’t come to you especially for Business English lessons, you may also use these lessons for general lessons ESL, as they cover a broad range of intriguing conversation. Teaching Business English is not actually that much different from general English lessons. Find out from the students just what their needs, as well as interests, are, as well as concentrate on meeting those conditions. The students should feel they’re developing in their areas of need, plus they must find the course fascinating.


Ensure that the students do a majority of the talking, not the teacher. Instruct the students the correct language and phrases for their particular jobs, to ensure they can disagree nicely, present appropriately and relay info correctly. Follow activities up with a written task, so they can revise the required points, as well as improve their writing ability. Among the main differences in between general English as well as Online Business English, are the sources that you use. Get the students to bring in their very own emails, letters, communication etc, as well as for that reason concentrates on their particular issues and areas that need enhancing. The Harvard University Business Review website is packed with free articles and sites that cover a big range of business-related subjects. For hearing lessons, TED provides an enormous range of video by motivational speakers from all regions of life.

So remember with teaching business English online you have to tailor the course to the student’s needs. Doing this via idioms for business and online business articles is a great way to create a custom program for your student with less work. Happy Teaching!




4 thoughts on “How To Teach Online Business English”

  1. Thanks for the post!
    To tell the truth I have already tried teaching business English but I mostly use printed literature and it did not help me too munch (((


    1. Lis, you should really think about taking some online courses! That was what helped in my case. Just try to Google for the web-site, you can find plenty of them!


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