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One successful approach to teaching online ESL to students is thru singing and rhythm. It is remarkable how easily kids collect the words and sentences and recall them for a rather long time when singing and rhythm is included into a lesson.

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Here are some comments from parents of my students I have taught in the past:

“Your style and rhythm are very suitable for my child.”

“The teaching is very good using singing to teach pronunciation.”

“This lesson is very special. I found that my child is different from before. In addition, always happy music in the classroom.”

“Teacher will use singing to guide my child to repeat. Strengthening his memory and it isn’t boring”

“The daughter of a friend’s recommendation of the teacher is really good, the content of the study in the form of singing teaching, children learn to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Here are some tips for teaching vocabulary through singing to Pre-K-7 ESL students. This can be realized when teachers instruct the essential vocabulary by singing and offer visual support of this language. If that isn’t possible then just sing the vocabulary. Content area material may also be taught through singing. Choose songs which have simple lyrics and provide plenty of repetition. When teaching online ESL to students make them feel comfortable with the lyrics, their efficient filter may be lowered.

SIGN UP NOW and Receive our FREE 14-day Online ESL Mentoring Series

I sing anything and everything I can in the classroom. It’s funny because I’m totally not a singer. I don’t sing outside of the classroom. But singing in the classroom makes for a relaxed teaching environment and the online ESL students are having fun. The reason why I started this was that I was bored with teaching the student words. If I was bored I’m sure the students were.

Music increases online ESL students assurance with the oral creation and makes them much more eager to participate. Constant repetition of songs may also help online ESL students understand language parts and raise their fluency and pronunciation in English. Movement adds a big dimension to learning through singing. Lots of the popular children’s songs are on YouTube, and utilizing them to introduce a tune to your ESL students is helpful. You should make sure that the songs aren’t sung too quickly. Try songs such as the Hokey Pokey and Old MacDonald Had a Farm, If You Are Happy and You Know It, and Wheels on the Bus. These are outstanding samples of the usage of motion with music. Early literacy experts focus intensely on the value of singing in the classroom to support language and literacy for all young kids.

Furthermore, you must encourage the students throughout the entire class.

Great Job!

High Five!

Way to go!

That was great!

These are just a few of the thing I say in every class.
Lastly, smile a lot, laugh, and joke around with the students. This will make it fun for the kids. The main thing is your online ESL students are learning and having fun. If they are having fun and learning your booking rates will increase and then you will be smiling. Happy Teaching!

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