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Every online ESL student has to possess a pronunciation component to his/her language studies. Occasionally a student might need one or more strategy for practicing English pronunciation. By making certain you utilize variety in your pronunciation lessons, your online ESL students will be more confident with English pronunciation and earn the assurance which comes along with it.

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I use the following methods below in my online ESL classroom. When doing this, it doesn’t have to be boring for the student. You can do these methods by singing or using rhythm.

1# You say the objective sound and have your online ESL students repeat it after you. Example: The word A-maz-ing. Work backwards pronouncing each syllable until the student pronounces the whole word correctly. When working on a particular sound, it might help your ESL students to isolate that one sound from the others.

2# Focus on the little nuances in the correct pronunciation and ingrained the sound rhythm patterns in their heads. This is particularly helpful when you have several students fighting with a particular sound delineation. You ought to use minimal pairs to assist your pupils with their pronunciation by concentrating on a particular sound. Example, con and cone, fin and fine, pin and pine. Also, your online ESL students will enlarge their vocabularies whenever you instruct minimal pairs. At times, your students might think they’re using correct pronunciation when in reality they’re saying something quite different. Most online ESL classroom are recording what your students are saying, you have empirical data to playback for every student. This will help the student improve. 

3# Giving your students the ability to view their very own physical movements while they’re working on their pronunciation may be of excellent value. You may always encourage your students to take a look at your mouth and face on how to pronounce certain sounds, but they’ll also take advantage of seeing what movements they’re making as they speak. This is why online ESL classrooms are great. Online ESL students can see themselves as they are doing it. Becoming aware of the physical movements required with pronunciation is all your students will need to correct pronunciation problems of which they’re unaware.

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4# Whatever your online ESL students pronunciation challenge, you can add English spelling to the mystery of the spoken word. After you teach your students the Synthetic Phonetics, you may use those symbols every time you introduce new language to your students. If you’re using phonetic symbols to assist you instruct vowel pronunciation, a diagram of which every English vowel sound is produced may be eye-opening for the students.

Teaching students the correct pronunciation will be noticed by parents. Here are some REAL comments from my student’s parents:

“Thank you, Daniel! Nancy is getting more fluently and is able to talk more complicated sentences now. Please keep on asking more questions to her and correcting her pronunciation. Happy New Year!”

“This is the first time in Daniel class, I found him to be a very serious teacher, can find children in pronunciation problems and can be corrected in a timely manner, will ask questions in the lives of their children, I am willing to teachers and children can talk outside of the course of things, even a little, let the children no longer treat English as a task to complete, it is real as a language to use.”

“Very patiently to correct the pronunciation of my child, for the difficult sentence word for word and sentence for sentence decomposition through repeated practice.”

“The teacher is very good, in the form of singing to teach some pronunciation.”

This is one key component to my success as an Online ESL Teacher. Remember to make it fun while focusing on getting the student to improve.

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