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Online ESL Job

Success, for an online ESL teacher, is not based on simply how much you make per year – the increases are not just material in nature. No, online ESL teachers do not buy luxury vehicles or live in high-priced penthouses, but we may most undoubtedly make enough to not only pay our bills and purchase grocery stores but also go someplace nice towards the end of the school year. Online ESL teachers wages vary considerably from one company to another, and you’ll find several outstanding opportunities teaching ESL online. But regardless of how much you’re paid or where you teach, you’ll find things that may help you get more or better online ESL teaching gigs, and also have greater success at teaching ESL online.

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Memorable online ESL teachers are frequently successful teachers also in traditional classrooms. They often get more courses or private online ESL students via word of mouth as well as recommendations from parents. Here are some comments from parents:

“The daughter of a friend’s recommendation of the teacher is really good, the content of the study in the form of singing teaching, children learn to learn in a relaxed atmosphere”

Here is another recent comment from a parent:

“The teacher is very good. The teacher is very careful, can pay attention to the pronunciation, and timely correction of Jason. The teacher makes him say complete sentences, very patient, and warm very grateful to Daniel teacher!”

So how do you become memorable? You’re memorable when you are different and unlike some other Online ESL teachers a student had before.

I became a memorable Online ESL Teacher to over 2,300 online students by:

  • Always being positive in the classroom
  • Ask the students a lot of questions about their lives
  • Singing all the time in class
  • Joking around with the students to get them to relax
  • Caring about every student that I teach
  • Always thinking of them as my kids and treating them the way I treat my own kids

Be yourself as well as let your students get acquainted with you and what makes you distinct from other online ESL teachers. Successful instructors go above and beyond their anticipated jobs. Successful online ESL teachers deliver results that could be readily seen and quantified by students and parents, rather than just through examination scores.

More than meeting goals, a successful online ESL teacher exceeds students expectations. Successful online ESL instructors teach everything with passion, even things which are less than intriguing. Passion is infectious when transmitted precisely, and enthusiastic individuals learn more. Happy Teaching!
Teacher Daniel

SIGN UP NOW and Receive our FREE 14-day Online ESL Mentoring Series

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