Motivating your Online ESL Students when Teaching English Online from Home



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Inspiring online ESL students are among the most difficult challenges when you teach English online from home, but lighting the fire is crucial to ensuring active online ESL students. Here are four things to motivate students for a more exciting online ESL class for students and teachers alike.

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1# Share your excitement: If students don’t find your online ESL class intriguing, they are unlikely to spend the energy it takes to really engage with the material being taught. Sparking this interest starts with online ESL teachers sharing their passion with students.

Some Parent Feedback from my classes:

“The teacher’s pronunciation sounds super safe, always energetic, enjoys teaching. But has very sincerely pointed out what needs to be strengthened. The teacher also appropriately expand some extra-curricular content, very good!”

“Very patient, infectious, good atmosphere.”

“Alan’s best favorite teacher, more and more interactive, more and more lively and interesting class, class is getting harder and harder”

2# Encourage your students: Use these words of encouragement when you teach English online from home. On average I use about 10 or more encouraging phrases in a 25-minute class. Here are some of them: Wow, that was great!, Wow, nice!, Excellent!, Excellent job!, Love it Awesome!, Very good!, Great job!, Wow, you got it!, You are doing great!, You are getting it!, Way to go!, Awesome Job!, and Nice!.

3# Have a reward system: Have a reward system outside of what your online ESL school has. It keeps your online ESL students motivated to learn. I have 5 main rewards systems that I use when I teach English online at home. I have monkeys, frogs, zoo, fish, and happy face rewards systems. I know others that do this via a green screen but right now I’m trying to keep it simple.

4# Get to know your students and let them into your life: I have taught over 2,300 students with VIPKID in about 530 days. I would say most of them I know if they have any brothers or sisters, what city they live it, what foods they like, some of their hobbies, etc. My students know about my life too.

These are the 4 key elements that you need to teach English online at home. Online ESL teachers need to have all of these key elements in each of their classes every time. Students have to feel your passion and know that you truly care about them.

Here are some more Happy Parent Quotes:

“Daniel teacher will use an interesting way to guide children to repeat, strengthen memory, not boring.”

“Daniel teacher class atmosphere is active, patient teaching will interact with the child to ask questions.”

Happy Teaching! Teacher Daniel

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