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Teaching should be as fun as it is rewarding, and this experience brings comfort to your online ESL jobs online and right into the comfort of your own home.

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Being an online teacher has never been this easy, you get connected with young kids, and provide all the lesson material so that you can spend more time doing what you love but this might be demanding when the kids aren’t motivated to learn.

Here are some of the most effective ways of motivating children in an ESL. I would like to add a few more points.

Drama and role play- especially if the costumes and props are involved.

Using a ball to pass around, or an egg timer to turn even the most dreary grammar drills into games or “competitions”.

Doing a project that raises awareness of other children around the world- email pals, video conferencing, exchanging art or photos with another class of same-aged kids on another continent, etc. How about a “Gift from China” box of little things that the kids make and/or collect along with English explanations of each that the kids prepare to exchange with another group?

From an ESL job online you can take photos in class and use Polaroids on occasion for instant gratification and classroom fun- especially nice when the kids are working in groups. I did a project with Chinese 2nd graders (summer visitors to the US), where each got a disposable camera to document their visit. The first two weeks they took pictures. The second two weeks they created a book with text.

Give kids some “power” and choices. Let the kids take attendance, call the class to order, dismiss the class, sometimes chose between lesson alternatives, etc. Make it an honor to be chosen to “help the teacher”, by giving them a badge for the day, or putting their name in a special frame for the day. Some of the kids were much stricter than I would have been! (Doesn’t work after around 8 years old!)

Be audible and clear while speaking

Due to the complex nature of teaching ESL online jobs,  It may seem obvious, but it is important to ensure your students understand what is expected of them. At the start of each activity, go over both the content and the language objectives; with both children and adults, these objectives can be simple and straightforward. At the end of the lesson, review the objectives to ensure they’ve understood everything. One teacher even suggests recording snippets of your class for your own review. He says, “It’s amazing how many times you’ll find yourself saying words that are natural to you, but might throw off the students (think about how many times you say ‘ya know,’ ‘like,’ ‘well, ya see,’ ‘the thing is,’ so kind of extra words with no meaning.” Recording yourself to make sure you’re being crisp, concise, and to the point.

Use hands-on and project-based activities

This is actually applicable to all teachers in all disciplines: Students like hands-on and project-based activities and effective teachers use them to help their students engage in learning through exploration. Hands-on activities generally include scaffolding components, and project-based activities often incorporate the students’ own interests and cultural backgrounds. There’s no need to stick to a monotone reading of the textbook. Think outside the mold with the goal of experimental fun. One teacher suggests an activity that involves setting up a “marketplace” in the classroom and asking students to buy, sell, and trade different items. This hits a few key objectives, including inter-student interaction and the practical art of negotiation. A number of teachers suggest using music in the classroom — sing pop songs together, create songs for vocabulary lists, and so forth. If you play an instrument yourself, by all means, bring it into the classroom!

By applying these few methods while coaching kids in an online ESL class, due to the tasking nature of teaching ESL online jobs, I believe you should begin to see some motivation in the kids.

SIGN UP NOW and Receive our FREE 14-day Online ESL Mentoring Series

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