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Teaching English to Chinese students is a multi-billion dollar business and is expanding as more Chinese citizens take interest in learning the English language through the worldwide Internet. There is a high demand for teaching children at a young age where neural plasticity is at its strongest to develop linguistic skills in multiple languages.

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Many American and European companies desperately flounder to stay competitive with these online Chinese companies in terms of pay and quality. I honestly felt a little resentful to know how much time I was dedicating for much lower wages at other companies and higher demands.

*For struggling online ESL teachers out there – You are officially saved and can find a sustainable working wage while keeping that beloved remote lifestyle and cut your working hours in half.

How Much Are We Talking Here?

There is a booming economic opportunity in China for English instructors to teach at the comfort of their own home for an 18-24$ /hour wage on average! Check out TeachESLonlineanywhere.com to see the full list of ESL companies with teacher reviews.

Requirements of Most companies

All jobs require adequate Internet speed, a headset and Ethernet cable. Some requirements are stricter than others (I.e. Bachelor’s Degrees) but I haven’t had any company request official documents of diplomas or certifications formally.

The Online ESL Secret

ESL Teachers are in demand in China and the Internet is being utilized to teach children all across China to help improve their English proficiency. As stated before, some companies require more experience than others but an applicant can discuss extracurricular activities that he/she might have had that would be applicable to the job.  For instance, I have a friend who taught kids at a football camp in terms of basic fundamentals and he secured a 20$/Hr job at a Chinese company with bonuses for signing kids up for trial classes with NO PREVIOUS TEACHING EXPERIENCE.

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The teaching materials are not difficult as this is basic English and any native speaker can understand the concepts of the English language for 5-12 years old. However, I would watch some videos on TPR before getting started (See Further Down Article) – Kids learn a little differently than adults. It took me a couple hours to fully understand how to teach kids through being silly, utilizing props, and having patience.

I worked in the corporate world for 14.50 an hour at an extremely stressful job as a dispatcher with a weak commission in sales along with ESL companies which took a tax on my wellbeing through high hours of work and stress. My current job is in the comfort of my own home and is extremely relaxing while rewarding seeing students grow and I love being apart of something positive in the world.

What Kind of Hours Should I Expect to Teach?

The peak teaching hours are usually in the evening from 6pm-9pm (Beijing Time) weekdays and peak hours on weekends 8pm-8am China time. If you live in America this will be very early (especially the west coast regions) on the weekdays while Australians and Europeans get a bit of a break.

How Do I Make My Resume Stand Out?

Highlight any teaching experience or talk about leadership experience that adheres to the position. If you are not sure, formulate a story of how you believe your experience correlates to ESL learning, even if it doesn’t completely relate. The truth is a lot of the interview will have to do with self-assuredness, confidence, and poise. For example, I was in Toastmasters International for about a year and I showed my interviewer how public speaking was one of the foundational pillars in developing a great teacher.

The only supplemental material I would acquire is getting TOEFL certified which builds credibility in the eyes of the application process and the company itself. I used TEFLEN.COM to receive mine Remember to type in the code SAVE when applying for it because it gives you a huge discount. The 40 Hour TOEFL certification will suffice and save you unnecessary amounts of extra spending.

There are other TOEFL exams out there that one can utilize but I found TEFLEN to be the cheapest. Being TOEFL certified is not a necessity but a 57$ investment on a 20$/Hr job can be paid back in 3 hours of work and only reinforces your teaching trustworthiness. I would say it’s worth it in the long run because you become more desirable in other professions as well.

I Had NO Experience Teaching Kids Before

Many people are great at teaching kids but I found for most, it is another ball game in terms of approach. At first, I taught kids the same way I did adults and admittedly did not do well in my first demo class at an online company. I did all the research I could find and found videos on TPR training. Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of using your whole body when teaching with many props for assistance. Young foreign children often have no recollection of what the teacher is communicating, so it is important to act out words/phrases and use visual cues to aid in understanding. I took a TOTAL of only 1-2 hours learning TPR through various Youtube videos and I completely revamped my approach to teaching young aspiring learners.

Negotiating Contracts

Everything is negotiable as these companies are getting paid top dollar per hour to secure these students, so aim higher within reason. The companies take in a huge profit margin, so there is a lot of room to consult. Be assertive in bargaining and remember that nothing is off the table. If they offered you 17$/hr and you want 20$/hr – Ask them if they can make that change. Remember, if you don’t ask, you do not get. Even if the starting price is a bit lower than expected most companies have bonuses and there are pay raises at contract checkpoints throughout the employment period.

Breath of Fresh Air

I hope this article has been a breath of fresh air for those searching countlessly for a fair online ESL contract with no luck whatsoever – I have been more than happy to take the sacrifice for my fellow ESL teachers!

Check out DadaABC & VipKID – Two companies that are revolutionizing the online ESL market:

Apply to DadaABC 

Apply to VipKid 

Thank you, Daniel Didio for the opportunity to share this awesome opportunity, as this will change people’s lives!



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  1. Hello, Daniel, I see your website and would like to know what schools out there pay better then VIPKID and actually support their teachers as well as their students. I have been with VIPk for almost 2 years and the level of what I am hearing is pretty and have experienced is pretty sad. Time to find a company that suits teachers needs a bit better. Thank you


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