Our Responsibilities as Online ESL Teachers


It only takes one person to believe in you to truly make a deep identity level change for the better. Growing up, I had a host of learning disabilities that ironically hindered my performance in the outdated school setting.  

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Admittedly, I found the material to be uninteresting and my teachers could sense this as well within my performance reports. I remember being so upset about a school that I focused all of my energy primarily on sports as an outlet to harness frustration. I became really good at them as I was a diligently hard-working person within that faculty.

Throughout my youth, I had a considerable amount of respect for my grandpa for being such a courageous, successful, and generous person (He was awarded a Silver Star in World War II which is one of the highest decorations of valor during the war). My grandpa always genuinely believed in me and it was something that I hold dear to this day. I felt horrible for how I was underperforming in school while telling him that everything was fine to not break his heart. It really resonated when I was at the end of hospital bed watching him take his last breath. He always encouraged me to not sell myself short in terms of universities as I had limited options out of high school due to a football injury and no incessant backup plan with academics.

I ended up working harder for something bigger than myself as my grandpa always talked about his grandchildren getting accepted into the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. In my case, this was a pipe dream as most colleges rejected my applications and additional efforts. Shortly after, I went to a community college for two years and worked my butt off – This was the first time I ever officially engaged with my school studies, so it was considerably more difficult to overcome that lost stint. I remember being so involved with my work that getting into the University of Michigan was the number one priority in my life. I was initially rejected after a year at community college and this drove me to improve even more upon the progress I had already made. I went to regular office hours, tutoring, engaged in public speaking and debate clubs (A huge fear of mine at the time) etc. I then reapplied the following year and was finally accepted to the University of Michigan.

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This was one of the two moments I had ever witnessed my father cry in my entire life but this time was out of joy – I genuinely believe that if my grandpa had not believed in me, none of this would have been remotely possible and I would have never considered it an option. In society, we have occupations that label us as teachers/professors/instructors but in reality, all people are a collective union of teachers and learners within the confines of a symbiotic relationship. We feed off of each other and much of our behavior/attitudes are influenced by the ways in which we are nurtured.

In society, we have occupations that label us as teachers/professors/instructors but in reality, all people are a collective union of teachers and learners within the confines of a symbiotic relationship. We feed off of each other and much of our behavior/attitudes are influenced by the ways in which we are nurtured.

Teaching ESL offers considerable peace of mind to most instructors that transcend the repetitive maneuvers of traditional work and makes life more meaningful if applied correctly. There is a big responsibility for honing principles that will play an integral part of the student’s growth, so it must be taken seriously and with conscious reflection.

Teachers have the innate ability to shape the way learners think and there is a substantial amount of power that is involved in that developmental process. In other words, we are molding brains into what they will be in the future and better or worsening humanity as a result. We are the equidistant parents that children see for a majority of their days and it is a huge obligation to inspire them with encouragement and high expectations. Sociological studies assert that humans belong in tight-knit communities that transcend the responsibilities of nuclear families. Likewise, we are biologically programmed to have compassion towards other human beings as it is a team effort for the survival, spirituality, and companionship. As instructors, students look up to us as an authority (In a positive sense of the word) even if this is not initially apparent or the students do not convey interest.

The Challenge:

Try to think of the big picture in terms of teaching your students that goes above and beyond the fundamentals of education. Find out what their passions are, their fears, their doubts and tailor the lessons to meet those metaphysical needs. I had a student that was really into his artwork and it was incredible as he drew abstract pictures of nature. I tried to think in terms of the students’ interest, so I learned how to draw and encouraged him to enter a contest (He received 2nd place & I remained a horrible drawer). The goal is to leave the student a better person than when you started – That is our responsibility each and every time in the classroom.

Please share in the comment section someone who has had a profound impact on your development and if your life would be different had you not had that experience. Sometimes the effects are immediate and sometimes they are delayed, but we all remember that one person who went the extra mile for us.

Let’s give back, it is our responsibility as teachers.


Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

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Teaching ESL Online and TPR (Total Physical Response)


Total Physical Response (TPR) was founded by James Asher who studied psychology at San Jose State University. The teaching method is based on the coordination of language and physical movement. Doctor Asher discovered TPR by witnessing interactions between children and parents throughout young adolescence. Generally, there is a significant amount of speech executed by parents that are followed by a physical response from the child. Asher was then able to make 3 assumptions about adolescent learning:

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  1. Language is learned primarily through listening.
  2. Language must engage the right side of the brain. This side of the brain deals with intuition and creativity.
  3. Learning a language must not include any stressors (Read the Tiger Mom article on how to diffuse unintended stressful situations created by parents)

This is to date the most effective teaching method for young children as it delivers both an exciting and influential learning environment for the student. According to TPR theory, comprehension and listening come first in terms of interpreting a new language for young students. The left side of the brain is generally more logical and sometimes teachers who perform a lot of speaking drills overload that hemisphere and deem to be ineffective. That is why Asher makes it mandatory to bypass the left rational side and dive straight into actions/performances that will later be reinforced by the left hemisphere specifically in the Broca’s area. To check out the actual TPR experiments performed by Dr. Asher and its revolution on the elementary education system check out www.tpr-world.com.

Furthermore, online ESL teachers should simplify the complex sentences while speaking slowly into a digestible format for the aspiring student. The more TPR used the better for every aspect and intricacy of the sentence. Since children have no concept or vernacular within the confines of another language TPR is a conducive way to teach. The main objective is to connect emotions with the word’s meaning. TPR should be applied as much as possible during teaching as it makes the lessons more exciting and engaging. If the children do not understand, the teacher can show them through body language first without any sort of additional stimulus. A lot of being a teacher for young learners is how well you can use theatrics – Think of yourself as an actor in the classroom putting on a performance for the child. Hint* If you think that you are overdoing it in terms of energy and enthusiasm – you aren’t! Be exciting and spontaneous with your TPR – The more interesting and vivid your acting is the better chance your students will internalize the material.

TPR can also implement various sounds to aid in the effectiveness of the teaching tactics. For example, teachers can use cat “meows” to symbolizes the behavior of felines.  It is equally important to be animated and energetic to peak the student’s interest in the lesson materials and engage them properly. Body language can be a contagious factor – Utilize different props to create a conducive environment for TPR.

An example of a TPR motion would be for students to “repeat” –

  1. Point to your mouth and speak slowly
  2. Cuff your ear to indicate that you would like them to repeat
  3. If they don’t understand this gesture – Use your free hand in an open “come here” motion while cuffing your ear.

They will then make these connections within the movements you make to transmute to their own language and understanding.

Children have a huge capacity to learn languages within a short period of time. The reason they are able to adapt so quickly is due to the neuroplasticity at a young age that is much more malleable to external stimuli –Thus this is the perfect age to learn a new language.

Pushing your comfort zone is a must with TPR as it is a foreign world to ESL instructors who teach older ages. I was very uncomfortable with this in the beginning as I thought it would dissuade the parents and young children. Fortunately, TPR had the opposite effect and it is a MUST for every one of my classes!

To find out more about TPR – Read James Asher’s Official Book: Learning Another Language Through Actions.

Check out some great online teaching companies here:


Teach ESL Online Anywhere – List of over 175+ online ESL Jobs


Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

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Why Students Benefit from ESL Teaching Jobs


Today, with the stress and pressures of conventional learning, many students fall behind with secondary courses. For example, learning English as a second language is a vital skill that many students struggle to find time for.

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When you are in the midst of trying to build a long-term education or work full-time, it can be hard to fit in a few hours per day of learning a secondary language. For teachers and tutors, too, there’s a lot of struggle and challenge.

It’s why, for both student and tutor, that the range of teaching English jobs online that exist has grown so extensively.

Jobs teaching English online have become extensive and important for those looking to make the most of their time at night. For example, rather than trying to learn with a tool such as Duolingo and going it alone, you could sit and learn with an ESL tutor who provides online coaching. This is much better for a student, as it allows them to give it 100%.

When you’ve been home and had time to relax post-work/school, it becomes easier to go back into a learning mode rather than feeling like all day, every day, works out the same.

So, with this in mind, what makes students the ones to benefit primarily from using the various jobs teaching English online to accelerate their learning?

  • For one, a student is not going to be so tired. When they are drained from taking classes all day, the last thing they want is 2-3 hours at the end of school in a classroom environment learning. Now, you can ensure that they have the means of learning when they want to, boosting the chances of them actually taking it in.
  • Motivation plays a big part, too. When you can learn at home with the comfort of your own household, then it becomes easier to stay motivated and actually want to learn. With that in mind, then, most students would prefer to work in this manner. It means they can spend more time relaxing before going back to learning at home, rather than having to attend physical classes.
  • Students are more likely to feel comfortable working with online tutors, too, if they can offer rapport. In a large classroom environment building rapport is a nightmare – nearly impossible. With a student online learning English, though, the are usually 1-to-1 making it so much easier to learn and grow along the way.
  • Another major factor that stems from this, however, comes from the importance of picking up mistakes. Again, in a large classroom, it can feel tough to notice the mistakes and limitations that exist in a student’s English. By working together, these are spotted faster and eradicated before mistakes become bad habits that linger and never leave.

So, with all of this in mind, are you likely to take things further online or offline?

Any student who is looking to improve their potential for learning effectively and authentically should investigate the chances of using online English teaching opportunities. The chances for learning what you need to feel fluent and confident are so much higher in this way.

Happy Teaching 🙂

Teacher Daniel 

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The Benefits of Being Able to Teach English Online from Home


Are you interested in teaching English jobs? Then you should definitely look into the approach of doing so online. Online teaching gives you the perfect opportunity to get involved with teaching people, helping students and improving people’s grasp and understanding of the complex English language. However, getting into ‘traditional’ tutoring and teaching is pretty tough as the sheer volume of people involved in coaching today means the competition is immense. Getting in without academic expertise behind you can be tough, and those with willing abilities to teach English to find it hard to make a living using their skills. Thankfully, a solution exists in the form of home-based online teaching jobs.

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Home-based teaching allows you to learn from an experience that makes sure you can grow and improve for all the right reasons. If you have been itching to get involved in teaching and want to help teach English as a second language, you have to know how it can help you in the first place. Let’s take a closer look at why home based online teaching jobs in English can be such a useful way to help improve your overall control of a student’s path to succeed long-term.

For one, you can give every student the right kind of attention and detail. When trying to manage a large classroom, everyone gets a few moments of your time. This stops you from helping people overcome their own specific weaknesses and issues with the English language, though. When you hire someone to help you out, it soon becomes so much easier to work with generally.

Also, you can make sure that the student is more comfortable. The teacher-student dynamic should never be underestimated, and the online teaching English jobs you can take up help to solidify that. Now, you can both work together and enjoy a much more cohesive, comfortable relationship. A student that feels comfortable is a student that is going to really enjoy them in the classroom. With that in mind, you can take that all-important next step forward together to ensure they are learning at the right pace.

Speaking of pace, both teacher and pupil will benefit from online teaching English jobs due to this. Since you work together so closely, you can make a faster rate of progression. No more time wasted and no more messing around: with this, you can ensure that everyone is learning properly. You can avoid feeling frustrated or as if you are having time wasted mainly, and the student can see more progress as you work with them one-to-one.

It’s because of this, then, that you can begin to see a genuine and cohesive change in the way that you work and how you operate. Thanks to this kind of progression and improvement, you should find it much easier to start building a new path forward for both teacher and pupil. If you are interested in helping as many people as you can through your English language tutoring, going online makes perfect sense.

Happy Teaching 🙂

Teacher Daniel 

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Why Online English Teaching Jobs Benefit ESL Teacher and Student?


When someone wants to learn English today, they have many opportunities to do so. With such a wide selection of English teaching jobs out there, people can find themselves learning from someone all across the world. However, many people still rigidly stick to using an offline or self-taught method of learning a language like English. For this reason, then, many students can find it hard to locate the time to learn properly in-between other disciplines like work or learning. This is why so many people are turning to online teaching English jobs: to work with students who are looking to learn outside of the normal working hours.

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For that reason, then, English online teaching has become a very important part of the process. The reason why is quite simple: both teacher and student can benefit from learning together in this kind of environment. Why, though, do online teaching English jobs benefit both the student and pupil along the way?

Better Timing

When you aren’t trying to cram in English learning alongside other disciplines in life during the day, it’s easier to learn. Sitting online on Skype for a few hours with your tutor is far more enjoyable than sitting in a classroom after you have just finished work, or when you are learning other disciplines at the same time.

Better timing matters: when you are in the right frame of mind, you are in the right frame of mind to improve. This is vital for ensuring that, in time, you can see genuine progress and improvement as a student.

Greater Teaching Depth

When taking online teaching for English, you ensure that you are getting a more one-to-one experience. In short, rather than being alongside 10 or so other students all fighting for the lecturers’ attention, this helps you to get around the problem quickly and easily. English online teaching means that a student can get more help that is applicable to them, and teachers can be more comfortable in their students passing as they know what they are getting access to, ensuring that you have much greater depth in education.

Easier Earning

For the student, it’s easier to pay for a course like this: you treat it like driving lessons, paying for them as and when you need them. New four-five figure debt programs that can leave you paying a huge amount of money for the course. For the tutor, though, it’s also easier to earn as you can take on far more work in a day than you can as a tutor. You can work with several people per day, ensuring that everyone can start to see progression and change as time goes on, maximizing the overall earning potential.

With that in mind, you can make sure that you are making the most of the English online teaching both as a teacher and a pupil. From making sure everyone can give their skills to the teaching industry to helping students get affordable and attentive learning, making sure everyone wins out!

Happy Teaching 🙂

Teacher Daniel 

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ESL – The Best Teaching Online Jobs Available?


Today, many people with a passion and energy for teaching the English language find it hard to get involved. Teaching spots are at a premium and this can make it hard for children to find the help and support that they need to learn the language. Therefore, anyone who wants to be able to teach English today that cannot find a traditional tutor spot should look to teach English online from home. It’s no surprise to anyone who has spent time in tutoring to find out that being able to teach English as a second language online is so much easier. The challenge in getting involved is reduced, and the competition – while still huge – is far less.

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This is because, rather than needing people to come to you locally, you can be teaching people from all across the world. If you decide to teach English online from home, then you can make sure that your students can get 100% undivided attention. Even if they are based on the other side of the world, you can quickly and easily begin to start the learning process at a time that equally suits both parties.

Therefore, the tutor themselves can work from home and do far more with their day than they could have themselves. By doing several hours’ worth of work during the day, you can not only earn far more doing private tuition from home, but you can help far more people. Now, you aren’t trying to get a large class to pick it up piece-by-piece, but you are giving each and every student proper, undivided attention. This is vital for their learning curve and to ensure that they can improve and grow as individuals.

If you would like to ensure that students can enjoy a more progressive learning environment, this is the way to do it. You work solely together so that you can work on their own problems, rather than trying to correct everyone’s mistakes and limitations at once.

This is going to be so important for making sure that you can become more confident as a tutor, too. Students need to be given the time to learn and grow at the right pace. By being able to teach English as a second language online, you can change the parameters of their learning and ensure they can learn alongside their primary discipline.

So, this works perfectly for all parties. It gives ambitious and willing tutors a foot in the door, and students without the time or energy to learn during normal hours to do so at night and become fluent.

Happy Teaching 🙂

Teacher Daniel 

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The Best Places to Land An Online Teaching Job


The best places to land the best online teaching jobs

Look, we get it: holding to a job ain’t easy. It happened to us, it happened to you and it’s very likely that it’s going to happen to other people in the future. And if we are talking about the difficulties of holding to a job, then being an online ESL teacher it’s something even harder because we are talking about an area that requires a lot of effort and a lot of dedication for seemingly little in return. It’s harsh but it’s the sad reality of the vast majority of teachers in our society.

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And that’s when teaching ESL online comes into the scene.

The best online ESL jobs are home-based and it’s turning into a favorable option for any online ESL teacher looking for a new environment to teach, but cannot find one in the current (and somewhat dated) educational system. So when ESL comes into the scene, it’s easy to see it as a pretty choice to start teaching through the internet because it’s simpler, more direct and we can even reach a larger audience, all over the world.

Also, this is a great way to get the attention of kids who perhaps are getting bored in the classroom and require a different kind of teaching, which the online ones can provide to an even larger extent. This market is going rapidly and more people are getting into it by the day, so it’s important we understand which are the best places to search for the best online ESL jobs in the market, so we are going to throw a couple of options here and you can use this for future endeavors:

1. ESL Job Boards
This must be the option in the market for everyone searching for the best online ESL jobs around here. This is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to get an online teaching job and you should make an effort to wander around in these boards in order to get at least an opportunity to get a job there.

These ESL job boards are mostly filled with teachers looking for a new possibility to play their trade, as the saying goes, and a lot of students looking for someone willing to teach them about a topic in particular, so there’s a really good chance you might be one of those choices (or just a curious person, actually). Anyway, these boards tend to offer a lot of possibilities for jobs and you should do yourself a favor by checking them out. Among the best options in the job boards, we can always find alternatives such as Dave’s ESL Café, Teachlingo, ESL Employment and a couple more of choices that can truly make a major impact in our professional careers if we are willing to look.

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2. Online Schools’ Websites
This is also a pretty good choice to land the best ESL online teaching jobs in the entire web and you should do yourself a favor by trying it out. You see, there are a lot of schools offering their services through the web and this has become a major opportunity for teachers who perhaps are struggling to find a job in the regular schools (this may be you, actually), so it’s important we consider this option for the near future.

Working on the internet is turning into something much more common as time passes by and this it’s not different when we talk about the teaching world; a lot of online schools are searching for new teachers to offer their services and it won’t be long for you to get one, if you are willing to look around; there are many stories on the internet about people finding some of the best ESL online teaching jobs in the market thanks to an interview they did with some of these online schools, so you could might as well give it a go.

If you want a couple of references to start with, the most common (and often, best) options in the market are VIPKDS or 51Talk, but there are a lot of possible choices in the World Wide Web and you should always try to search a lot in order to have a lot more to work with; settling for just one option might result in negative outcomes and not getting nowhere; try to keep searching everywhere and that way you will find a lot of choices. We can even guarantee you that.

It’s worth mentioning that online schools are a particularly profitable market for online English teaching jobs, so if you studied that, kudos. You have a pretty good chance to land a nice job here.

This is a great way to reach to the kids, as well, because they are more willing to pay attention to this type of scenarios than by sitting in a classroom all day long, so it’s important you consider this when you start to work in this.

3. Upwork
No, we can assure we’re not joking. Yes, Upwork is actually a pretty good possibility in order to get one the best possible online teaching jobs. The world can be a pretty strange place when we come to this type of scenarios but, who are we to judge?

Upwork, getting possible job opportunities is certainly one of them and one that we should seize if we are in dire need of a job. A lot of teachers around the globe have gotten jobs through this way, whether it was on a site or online so you can have the best of both worlds if you like.

We agree this might the most dubious of the choices we showed you in this article, but that doesn’t make it any less viable and useful; unemployment is a pretty tough time for any person and it’s very important to consider all the choices we have at our disposal in order to reach our goals, regardless of what they are, and Craiglist does bring to a stable job.

Happy Teaching 🙂 

Teacher Daniel 

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