The Pros and Cons of English Online Teaching

Online ESL Job

Without a doubt, one of the most lucrative and enjoyable career paths that you can take today stems from being able to manage English online teaching. A fun and engaging career path, it allows you to give people help in improving who they are and what they stand for, making a vast improvement in their lives and their overall quality of life so much easier to put into practice. We believe that, in time, you should be able to see a consistent and major difference in the way that you think, feel and engage with online ESL students.

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As an online ESL teacher, one of the most powerful things that you can have is a better understanding and connection with your ESL students. Without the ability to form a bond and help students better understand you, there is a lesser chance of them learning and passing under your tutelage. To help you get around these issues, we recommend that you consider the pros and cons of English online teaching.

The Pros

For one, you more or less always have access to working with students. The demand for being able to teach English online to Chinese students, for example, is immense. Many people find that being able to teach English online in this way is very lucrative as many people from Asia want to make the move over here and work in this climate, instead.

You could find yourself teaching English to people from many backgrounds and cultures. That is so important, as it allows you to give the students a much better level of learning and a greater understanding of the challenges they will face. It also means that you can interact with new cultures and lifestyles that you might never have come across in normal teaching.

Aside from being able to teach in this manner and making it more enjoyable for you, students get more out of this. it’s usually a one-to-one learning experience meaning that the student gets your undivided attention. This should never be ignored. You can see much faster and cohesive progress by teaching in this manner than you possibly could in a classroom environment.

The chances to earn a living are just as good, if not greater, in this world than they are offline. You have the chance to work with students on a regular basis instead of dong full-day shifts in a school. It’s better for your income in many ways, as you get a more flexible income and one that can fit with the amount of work that you need.

The Cons

The only ‘con’ is that you will likely be indoors all the time. Unless you can get a strong signal and a clear connection outdoors you can find your working days to be a lot less enjoyable than you might have expected.

Even with that in mind, though, you should be able to better understand the challenge and the benefits of undergoing English online teaching programs.

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

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One thought on “The Pros and Cons of English Online Teaching”

  1. Another con is the absence policy with these strict online teaching companies. Any absence, 3 minute tardy and/or internet outage and it’s like the end of the world. locks the teacher’s profile until the teacher talks to a coach and explain why he/she was absent and VIPkid only give 6 freebies per six months. It’s a shame. We wake up early every morning and pour out our time and energy to these companies yet there are to willing to get rid of us over freaking absences. I’m hanging on by a nail right now with VIPkid. If anything happens with that company it’s okay. I have already been offered another contract by another school.

    They are just waiting for me to complete one last step before I can start teaching. Plus, there are hundreds if not thousands of other Chinese companies that are eager to offer a good paying job to English speakers.


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