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About us
Athena Academy is the subsidiary of Elite K-12 International Education Group. We adapt the US Common Core Standard and the teaching methodologies of Project-based Learning (PBL) in designing our programs. Our aim is to provide our students opportunities in, not only learning the Academic English, but also acquiring the soft-skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving and creativity, which will enable them to adapt and enhance their own capacity in this constantly changing 21st century.
Company Location: China Shanghai

Job Overview:
This individual will work as a professional teacher, delivering and managing high quality and engaging lessons across Athena curriculum. This individual will also be expected to engage with a collaborative culture of personal and departmental responsibility and ongoing improvement and growth.

Job Responsibilities:
• Uphold the highest standards of professional behavior, communication, attitude and appearance.
• Set high expectations that inspire, motivate and challenge students.
• Plan and teach outstanding and engaging lessons that meet course syllabus goals and objectives while applying Athena teaching approaches.
• Effectively deploy a range of strategies to manage and develop positive online classroom culture to create a welcoming, open, effective and positive learning environment.
• Differentiate class instruction, activities and resources in order to maximize learning opportunities for all learners.
• Apply appropriate forms of assessment to monitor student progress, provide timely and effective student feedback as per Athena guidelines.
• Update, maintain and submit a record of attendance, assessment, feedback using Athena course files.
• Conduct student screeners and placement, write student reports and participate in teacher-parent meetings when necessary as per Athena Guidelines.
• Any other businesses when needed.

Essential Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Must have a minimum of a well-recognized online TESOL qualification (120 hours+) with a minimum of 1-2 years of teaching experience related to the teaching of reading, writing and/or general English courses.
• Good understanding of good online classroom practice and key principles of child learning.
• Experience of developing own lesson plans and resources while working towards set goals and objectives.
• Ability to effectively collaborate with others to achieve desired outcomes.
• Ability to communicate through verbal and written means with individuals and small groups at all levels of the organization.
• Strong organizational skills and time management skills; ability to be flexible and solve problems.
• Experience in managing multiple tasks and the ability to deal positively with obstacles to progress.

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