Remote Online ESL Teaching Survival List

This is the Remote Teaching Survival List for online ESL teachers all over the world. Freedom and flexibility away from the traditional office setting is an essential aspect of establishing an essence of comfort aligned with your own vision. However, remote life can be a bit complicated for those engaging in live online teaching lessons as there is an element of interaction that requires stable Internet and reliability. Below are some tips for aspiring online teachers to initiate a true remote lifestyle while traveling.

If you are working for an online company, it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. If you are a good employee the company may be more accommodating to your situation but asking beforehand may be dissuade you from ever taking the plunge. The reason for this is most companies don’t want to risk a mishap and are looking out for the incentives of the organization rather than you (for the most part). Furthermore, when it comes to the online teaching market – technical fluidity is one of the most valued assets along with the skill sets of the employee themselves. It is better to prove to them that you are able to execute effective classes while traveling and demonstrate it first-hand. Online teachers need to start looking after themselves within reason to create a stable work-life balance with TRUE flexibility. A lot of online instructors turn their house into the very office they wished to escape which defeats the purpose of even pursuing work online – They move their work office into their homes and only benefit from the non-commute aspects.

NOTE* Pursue a trial run of traveling to a new location while taking time off from work to ensure confidence in the process.

For example, I had a “Create-your-own” profile on the side that I used to teach classes and I took time off from my primary online teaching job to try it out from a remote location without any sort of hazard to my primary employment.

There is a considerable amount of risk when traveling while teaching. Some of these risks include: Unstable Internet connection, inadequate teaching environments, forgetting items while traveling, logistics etc.

Firstly, make sure you are able to obtain adequate Internet while you are traveling by researching internet options applicable to the country or location you are visiting. Bring an ethernet cable wherever you go as well – This will be your savior to combat fluctuating Wifi connections.

Call hotels ahead of time to ensure the stableness of their connection – Email is a great way to do this, so they can send you the analytics of the connection itself. Look at hotel arrangements beforehand including the dynamics of the living space to guarantee there are no noise problems and a suitable environment.

Create a checklist of all necessary items needed to teach including props, hardware, and technology. Another avenue is to download supplemental software to use so that you can eradicate any tangible items used during class and lighten your travel load. For instance, I have a virtual background that I utilize to teach my students that fit the shape of my wall anywhere I go and provides a digital environment conducive to teaching.  

Always bring extras of things in case anything breaks. Headphones and Ethernet cables endure a considerable amount of wear-and-tear over the months/years of teaching. You want to double up on all of these items in case they break or do not function properly.

3g and 4g are not allowed but this will be in the case of emergency situations. Always have a plan B to fall back on as well and most companies will appreciate that you were at least proactive. You can also contact HR beforehand to have a company colleague take over in the case of any problems and vice versa. That way you can cover for their shifts if they ever take time off and they have your back in case of an emergency. This is a hard negotiation but effective if presented correctly.

Make sure the country you are traveling to does not have any impedance on the websites you are using. For example, China has heavy restrictions on some websites that are readily available in the US and uses Baidu instead of Google.  

Bring universal adapters as well so that you do not blow out any sockets and can fit chargers in different outlets across the world.

Important tip – It is essential to juggle multiple companies as well because most online companies are part time (If they don’t pick schedules with fewer hours for each). As stated before, traveling while teaching is a risk, so if you are penalized severely there will be other companies to fall back on for income. To reduce this impact pick up any extra shifts readily available and work your butt off in case problems do arise – That way you are in a better position to negotiate as you have put in your sacrifice with the company. Another strategy is to take legitimate time off with a company you do not want to jeopardize your status with and continue to fine-tune your teaching while acquiring travel/teaching experience with a company of less priority. This is why I like the “Create-Your-Own” profile websites like iTalki that have fewer restrictions and requirements for online teaching.

The ideal solution is to build your own student base as you gain experience from multiple companies and not have to answer to anyone. This establishes true flexibility and an environment beneficial to an authentic remote lifestyle in the teaching realm. (Check out the article on Independent Online Teaching – Cut Out the Middle Man)

Here a few companies to get started with”



Teach ESL Online Anywhere 

Have any other recommendations for online teaching while abroad? Please post in the comments below.


Getting Quality Online Teaching English Jobs

For many years, people have found it exceptionally hard to find online work that allows them to utilize their passions. As the job market begins to suffer and stifle people, limiting their opportunities and abilities to move forward, many people who have access to degrees and the credentials to be a teacher will fall by the wayside. For that reason, though, ESL teaching jobs have become so hard to come across in the normal way of life. With many schools seeing funding cuts reducing the openings for teaching staff, it can be hard to find the confidence, the belief and the will that, in time, things will get better.

So, for that reason, many people are turning to online ESL teaching jobs. Why should you allow your skills and training to go to waste? After all of those years of learning and improvement in a general sense, it can feel pretty galling to see it be for nothing. To help you avoid that, then, you should be looking at getting quality online teaching English jobs put in place as soon as you possibly can.

Quickly and easily, you can make it much easier for you to build up an in-classroom system and a portfolio that can take you further. Getting the best ESL teaching jobs on the internet is hardly impossible, either. To help you make this possible, you should be looking to understand the benefits of being able to teach children this way. For example, ESL teaching online allows for:

  • Easier learning with students. When they don’t have all day taken up by your lessons they are more likely to actually pay attention.
  • Greater earning potential. Now, if you choose, you can work full-time using online teaching English jobs, pulling in a tutors fee rather than a standard salary, greatly expanding workplace opportunities.
  • More control. You are in full control of the lessons, meaning that you can work to a way that you feel happy with, not what someone else dictates.
  • Greater freedom. You can work when you want, and where you want!

With all of this in mind, you should find it a bit easier to build up an in-classroom system for yourself in the online ESL industry. The options for finding jobs in this are quite varied and thus you should do what you can to build up a more cohesive, credible partnership. With so many options out there, though, or even the ability to go freelance, ESL teaching jobs are far more reliable, available and easy to get involved in than the traditional form of teaching ever was. If you want a new employment opportunity, this is it!

Teach ESL Online From Anywhere

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

Independent Online ESL Teaching: Cut Out the Middle Man

There are generally two avenues when considering strategies towards online teaching that depend on the personality of the teachers themselves.

  1. Working for an established business/platform that finds students in bulk and teaching through their rules/regulations.
  2. Creating your own independent network of students directly through an independent means.


Independent online teaching might be more work initially but will be more rewarding in the long run in terms of establishing a remote lifestyle. Below is a list of pros/cons in terms of independent online teaching – It’s time to break free from the chains.


  1. Independent online teaching can potentially mean more money – There is no cut being taken out of your pay which usually means more cash flow for you at rates you negotiate. Tip: Gain more leverage by obtaining a TOEFL certification and other credible qualifications.
  2. Independent teachers don’t have to answer to anyone but the client – You are your own boss and it is a liberating feeling being able to creatively to tailor your own classes and schedules without approval from the higher ups.
  3. You can’t get fired. Sure independent online teachers can lose clients and a lot of times that is inevitable. However, independent teachers are in charge of their own success through an entrepreneurial mindset.
  4. You can choose clients. Let’s face it, not all people we want to work with and some students can be more of a hassle. You have more of the ability to say “No” to a client without any consequences from a corporate culture. Additionally, teachers can integrate a hybrid mix of adults/children which are very rewarding and keeps classes fresh.
  5. You are paid ON THE SPOT – No more waiting monthly/weekly for payments. This can be very helpful for gaining money right away without worrying about being paid before your next phone bill. Companies get paid instantaneously from clients – why can’t you?
  6. You get to tailor the teaching style congruently with your own philosophies which make the teaching more authentic and designated.  

Negatives (Or excuses not to start):

  1. More personal management with coordination of the student and parents. Also, there will be scheduling conflicts that the independent teacher may have to coordinate and work through.
  2. You have to deal with tech issues yourself and if you are not tech-savvy, it can be a bit confusing to see where the issues are stemming from.
  3. It will be harder to find students. With big companies, they have a reputation to uphold while independent online teachers have a harder time establishing credibility. A solution to this would be to work for a big company at first and build credibility through demo videos to display skills – That way you are just an extension of a company most potential clients already trust. Also, it will be worth finding students because they will pay more money on average so that you aren’t working extra hours to make the same amount of money.
  4. You will need to be more customer service oriented. Furthermore, you are the HR department with this approach and you deal with complaints directly. This can be seen as a positive to build a deep and meaningful relationship with the student.
  5. Building a platform – Some teachers can build an interactive stage but this is hard if you do not know coding or shy away from the intricacies of technology. However, independent online teachers can use Zoom or Skype to perform English classes. I strongly believe Zoom is better for online classes from my experience.
  6. You don’t have your own courses. This is fine. There are tons of free online resources that provide students with a curriculum. I joined Facebook groups to find full-fledged curriculums that I integrate into my lessons.

Which would you like to choose? Why?

Here a few companies to get started with:



Teach ESL Online Anywhere




Happy Teaching!


Are Online TEFL Teaching Jobs Worth Pursing?

For years, lecturers, teachers, and tutors have watched with some dismay as the education industry has struggled. A global problem, many people find themselves working in conditions and with resources, they wouldn’t wish upon their most fearsome rival. It is for this reason, then, that the world of online ESL teaching has become so incredibly powerful.

For example, online TEFL teaching jobs are now far more available, accessible and potentially stable than those standard ESL teaching roles. If you want to work in a sustainable environment that isn’t subject to barbaric cuts, then looking at homebased online ESL teaching jobs is well worth your time.

Teach ESL Online From Anywhere

This matters for a whole host of reasons. For one, you can find more employment chances. No more sitting around waiting for a call from the supply list: you can get right in there, helping people. You are no longer waiting around for a teacher to leave or for hours to be made available so that you can be more than a mere classroom assistant, too.

By the same token, online TEFL teaching jobs tend to be very open to your own abilities. For example, you have far greater control over:

  • When and where students work with you. Sick of students who look like they could fall asleep mid-lesson? This is by far and away the easiest way to make sure you only work together when they are motivated to learn and alert.
  • The earning potential you have. With hours only limited by how often you wish to work, homebased online teaching jobs might seem insecure but are anything but. So long as you prove yourself as an online ESL tutor and you go out of your way to help people, securing full-time employment should not be too hard. You have total control over how and when you work – no more waiting around trying to get some hours!
  • The kind of teaching in an informal environment. Then this is certainly the place to start. Homebased online teaching jobs allow you to break free from the shackles of curriculum and enjoy a much more enterprising opportunity.
  • Thanks to this, you should be closer to building a progressive and genuine classroom. Your students tend to have a richer learning experience, too, so you can be a bit more dynamic in the classroom. You also get to pick and choose who you work with, making it much easier for you to work with online ESL students who like the style of learning that you undertake. Together, all of this can make a pretty significant contribution to your growth and development overall.

Using this, you should find it far easier to build up and create a long-term in-classroom environment that is bound to give online students all the help that they could possibly need. If you want to teach people English online, then consider investing time in online TEFL teaching jobs rather than standard teaching!

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

Can You Get Paid to Teach English Online?

For many people, teaching English is more than just a job: it’s all about creating a career path. Learning English is a major part of the working world today, and is one of the main reasons why people invest in working in Western nations. As one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, being able to speak English puts you in pretty significant demand. With that in mind, then, it might surprise you that more people don’t invest time and effort into being an English tutor.

That is because put simply, the competition has become so excessively vast that the days of being able to get a ‘normal’ teaching job are quite slim. With so many people looking to work in public and private sector education, the avenues and opportunities that many people once thrived off of are gone. This is a major issue, and one of the main reasons why people are choosing to look to English teacher jobs online.

What puts most people off, though, is the pay. Surely you can earn more money when you are working as a paid English teacher through a contract or through employment. However, that isn’t always the case, in fact. Most people can actually find an equally, if not more, secure way of paying the bills by using online teaching avenues to make it so. Most people can find that, with the wealth of people who would rather learn at their own pace rather than invest in a full-time course, that people are out there.

Also, one of the main reasons why the English teacher jobs online have exploded is due to the kind of student. You aren’t going to be teaching young kids who it can be harder to determine their progress. Instead, you are teaching adults – students, professionals, that kind of thing. It allows you to be more methodical and a touch more adult in the coaching and thus make sure that they are learning at a pace that is both suitable and effective.

Being able to teach English online is very liberating from the tutors’ viewpoint, too. You can easily make sure that you are seeing genuine progress and understanding of where your students are at. You can build a better rapport with them which is vital for making sure that you can get a clear and cohesive strategy from your students.

All of this is exceptionally important in making sure you can have a clear and consistent message being put forward. By working with us, we help to make sure that you can see a more progressive and enjoyable level of progress, helping you to really stretch beyond where you are at present. If you are a tutor who feels like you are struggling to get through to your students, then consider going for any job teaching English online.

It can be liberating, financially rewarding and even more secure in a world where standard forms of education are beginning to fall behind.

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

The Pros and Cons of English Online Teaching

Without a doubt, one of the most lucrative and enjoyable career paths that you can take today stems from being able to manage English online teaching. A fun and engaging career path, it allows you to give people help in improving who they are and what they stand for, making a vast improvement in their lives and their overall quality of life so much easier to put into practice. We believe that, in time, you should be able to see a consistent and major difference in the way that you think, feel and engage with online ESL students.

As an online ESL teacher, one of the most powerful things that you can have is a better understanding and connection with your ESL students. Without the ability to form a bond and help students better understand you, there is a lesser chance of them learning and passing under your tutelage. To help you get around these issues, we recommend that you consider the pros and cons of English online teaching.

The Pros

For one, you more or less always have access to working with students. The demand for being able to teach English online to Chinese students, for example, is immense. Many people find that being able to teach English online in this way is very lucrative as many people from Asia want to make the move over here and work in this climate, instead.

You could find yourself teaching English to people from many backgrounds and cultures. That is so important, as it allows you to give the students a much better level of learning and a greater understanding of the challenges they will face. It also means that you can interact with new cultures and lifestyles that you might never have come across in normal teaching.

Aside from being able to teach in this manner and making it more enjoyable for you, students get more out of this. it’s usually a one-to-one learning experience meaning that the student gets your undivided attention. This should never be ignored. You can see much faster and cohesive progress by teaching in this manner than you possibly could in a classroom environment.

The chances to earn a living are just as good, if not greater, in this world than they are offline. You have the chance to work with students on a regular basis instead of dong full-day shifts in a school. It’s better for your income in many ways, as you get a more flexible income and one that can fit with the amount of work that you need.

The Cons

The only ‘con’ is that you will likely be indoors all the time. Unless you can get a strong signal and a clear connection outdoors you can find your working days to be a lot less enjoyable than you might have expected.

Even with that in mind, though, you should be able to better understand the challenge and the benefits of undergoing English online teaching programs.

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

Is Being Online Teaching English Profitable?

For many people, getting into the act of teaching is a hard thing to do. The sheer magnitude of competition and the relative obscurity of language teaching positions can make it hard to find yourself continued employment. It’s why, for many people, the idea of online teaching English is such a useful and worthwhile expense. Not only are the opportunities for you to make a living more open-ended than they are in the ‘real’ world, but it can be very profitable in the right circumstances.

For example, homebased online teaching jobs tend to give you the freedom to earn more according to how hard you work. Many people find that online teaching jobs can be quite a lucrative way to earn because you get the chance to build up a more realistic earnings. Rather than working for as many hours as demanded of you in a school or university setting, getting a set wage, you can earn according to the hours that you actually work.

At the same time, though, you have a major issue: you need the students to learn. On a quiet wee, you could find yourself really low down in terms of what you hoped to earn. That should not be the major issue, though: with so many people out there looking to make use of the chances for English learning online, you should have no problems building up a portfolio of online ESL students.

Many locations offer the chance for you to do just this, ensuring that you can see a more cohesive and friendly opportunity to make a living. Unlike in the usual teaching industry, if you lost your job you need to wait for an opportunity elsewhere. With the web, you just sign up for a new location to begin online teaching English!

It really is the most effective way to make a living doing something that you love. It opens up the chances for you to make a more lucrative sum of money while also ensuring that you get to work for yourself. No more early starts or excessive hours after you have stopped being paid marking content for students. With homebased online teaching jobs, you start work when a student has arranged a lesson.

This means that your way of life is far more comfortable and that you get a much better opportunity to really enjoy yourself as an online ESL tutor. No longer do you feel the excessive pressure of trying to teach kids who don’t appear to be too interested in working with you either. You get to pick students who want to be involved and who aren’t already shattered from a hard day of working.

Overall, you should find it much easier than ever before for you to see progressive change and improvement in terms of how you work. It takes a lot of time and effort to help you make the change that you require, but once you get on the path to online ESL tutoring, you’ll never return to a traditional ESL teaching job!

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂