Business Idioms Daily: as right as rain, pour one’s heart out, fly off the handle, in deep water, feel the pinch, out of the woods, in the pink

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as right as rain
pour one’s heart out
fly off the handle
in deep water
feel the pinch
out of the woods
in the pink


A: I heard Susan just had her baby. How’s she doing now?
B: As right as rain. She’s enjoying being a new mother.
A: Well, she once poured her heart out saying that she didn’t want this baby.
B: Did she? What happened?
A: Promise me you won’t spill the beans.
B: OK, I won’t.
A: Well, at that time her husband lost his job and always flew off the handle. She was in deep water and under a lot of pressure.
B: Oh dear, I can imagine so. Life’s gonna be tough when you feel the pinch. But you never know, things seem to be different for her now.
A: I think so. Just a couple of months ago, she told me her husband was offered a well-paying job and they were almost out of the woods.
B: No wonder she is in the pink now – Her husband gets a good new job and a new addition to her family.
A: Indeed. Good things come in pairs.

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