Business Idioms Daily: Cut corners, Run before you can walk, See eye to eye, Pull your socks up

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Cut corners
Run before you can walk
See eye to eye
Pull your socks up

A: Hello, Jennifer. Did you have a good meeting?
B: Oh, hello, Rob. I didn’t see you. Yes, it was alright, except for the project due date.
A: When is it?
B: Well, it’s next week. They want me to cut corners to delivery the project on time.
A: Oh no! How do you feel about that?
B: I don’t want to run before I can walk but what can I do?
A: Oh dear. Of course, do you and our manager see eye to eye?
B: Yes, on most things.
A: I suggest you setup a meeting and talk with him.
B: I will do that. Thanks for the advice.
A: If that doesn’t work then you’ll have to pull your socks up and get it done.
B: I suppose your right. Thanks for talking with me.


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