Business Idioms Daily: Drown your sorrows, Not my cup of tea, See eye to eye, Sweep something under the carpet

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Drown your sorrows
Not my cup of tea
See eye to eye
Sweep something under the carpet


A: Isn’t that Jamie over there?
B: Oh yes.
A: He doesn’t look too good.
B: I’m not surprised.
A: Why? What’s happened?
B: Well, he just lost a lot of money in the Chinese Stock Market. It’s down 30% in only 3 weeks.
A: Oh dear.
B: – and he was going to use the money for his wedding. If fact Susan is so mad at him right now.
A: And?
B: And that is why he is so sad. He is drowning his sorrows. He wished he had taken his money out sooner.
A: Oh, I see. Susan and him don’t see eye to eye when it comes to investing. She thinks he takes too many risks.
B: I see. His investments haven’t done very well lately.
A: I know. I agree with Susan. Most of his investments are not my cup of tea. They are too risky for me.
B: Do you really want to know why Susan is so mad at him?
A: Yes, please tell.
B: Well, he tried to sweep his investment losses under the carpet. Then Susan found out about them.
A: I’m sure she was furious.
B: She was and now they might not get married because of it.


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