Business Idioms Daily: Feel the pinch, Fly off the handle, He wouldn’t hurt a fly

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Feel the pinch
Fly off the handle
He wouldn’t hurt a fly

A: Hi, John.
B: Oh, hello, Lisa. How have you been?
A: I’m doing good. How are you? How’s work going?
B: Well, it’s the same stuff just a different day.
A: You’re still in the same position, aren’t you?
B: Oh yes. But my company is downsizing and you don’t know if you’ll have a job from one day to the next.
A: That’s not good. Still, I suppose we’re lucky to have jobs at all these days.
B: I guess you’re right but I’m really feeling the pitch right now.
A: Why?
B: Well my son is in college and the expenses for it are getting out of control.
A: Oh yes, of course.
B: And with people being let go at my company sometimes I just fly off the handle.
A: I understand but everyone knows that you wouldn’t hurt a fly.
B: Yes but I hope things go back to normal soon.
A: If you need anything just let me know. Bye
B: I will. Bye


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