Business Idioms Daily: Gets on my nerve, Have someone eating out of your hand, It dawned on him, On cloud nine, Keep my fingers crossed

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Gets on my nerve
Have someone eating out of your hand
It dawned on him
On cloud nine
Keep my fingers crossed


A: Have you been waiting a long time?
B: About 2 hours. It gets on my last nerve when I have to wait.
A: I hear ya? I’m getting a little nervous.
B: I am too. If I can get this job I will be on cloud nine.
A: Why did you say that?
B: You didn’t hear? The salary and benefits are amazing.
A: That’s great. Ah man! It just dawn on me that I left the iron on in my apartment.
B: You better go and turn it off before it burns your apartment down.
A: Yes, I should be back in 20 minutes. Do you mind switching our interview time slots?
B: Not at all. That means I’ll get out of here earlier today.
A: Great thanks.
B: You’re Welcome.
A: (Came back and is waiting for his interview again) How did your interview go?
B: It went great. I got the job. I had them eating out of my hand.
A: That’s really good news. Wish me luck!
B: I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
A: Thanks a million. Bye
B: Bye


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