Business Idioms Daily: Have itchy feet, Over my dead body, Take the wind out of someone’s sail

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Have itchy feet
Over my dead body
Take the wind out of someone’s sail


A: How’s your husband?
B: Peter? Oh, he’s doing good. He’s settling into his new job.
A: That’s good. Hasn’t he had 3 new jobs this year?
B: Yes, he does have itchy feet.
A: Where’s he today?
B: He’s on a business trip in China. He loves it there. He wants us to move there maybe next year?
A: How do you feel about that?
B: I told him,”Not over my dead body”.  All of our family and friends are in the US. I don’t want to move.
A: You really took the wind out of his sail.
B: I know and he was so excited about going there. I just would hate it. It would be a big change for our family.
A: I’m sure it would be.


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