Business Idioms Daily: It made my blood boil, Hog the lime light, In the soup

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It made my blood boil
Hog the lime light
In the soup

A: What’s going on? Are you all right?                                                                                                     B: Not really. It was Bob.
A: Oh. What did he say now?
B: It’s not what he said. He took credit for the entire project. I’m the one that did all the work!
A: Yes, he sure likes to hog the lime light.
B: I’m furious with him right now. He really makes my blood boil.
A: Just relax and breathe.
B: If he says anything to me right now I will probably get into a fight with him.
A: Don’t do that because you will really be in the soup then.
B: Yes, you are right. I just need to relax for a while. Thanks for your advise.


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