Business Idioms Daily: Itchy feet, Nothing to write home about, Get it off your chest, Eating out of his hand, Bark is worse than his bite

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Itchy feet
Nothing to write home about
Get it off your chest
Eating out of his hand
Bark is worse than his bite

A: Hey, long time no see. How’s everything going?
B: Everything’s just fine. In fact, I just got a new job.
A: Have you? Congratulations!
B: Thanks. You know me, I can’t stay at one job for too long. It seems I always have itchy feet. I guess it’s time to take my career seriously this time.
A: Good for you! So how’s the new job?
B: Pretty good. I like the work environment, my boss, my colleagues and the job itself. So how are you doing? You don’t seem too happy.
A: Nothing to write home about.
B: You sure? It is obvious that something is bothering you. Come on, get it off your chest!
A: Well, I hate my job. The boss is such an idiot!
B: How’s that? Last time when we talked you seemed to quite enjoy your new job. So what happened?
A: There was one time I arrived at work 10 minutes late. He called me into his office and gave me a warning. I mean, did he have to do that? I was late for only 10 minutes! I told some of my colleagues and they didn’t seem to get it. He really has them eating out of his hand!
B: And what did they say?
A: They said his bark is much worse than his bite, maybe he just had a bad day. Can’t they see it’s so unfair?
B: Well, don’t take it too personally. Perhaps talk to your boss again when he’s in a good mood?
A: No, I won’t do that! It’s a stupid company with stupid boss and colleagues! I’m gonna quit this job first thing tomorrow morning!

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