Business Idioms Daily: Keep it under your hat, Pull someone’s leg

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Keep it under your hat
Pull someone’s leg

A: Are you all right? What’s wrong?
B: Well, the company isn’t doing so good and sales are down.
A: So what do you think is going to happen?
B: I overheard my boss talking to the CEO and they said that 20 employees are going to be let go on Monday.
A: Really?
B: Just keep it under your hat because they will know if the word gets out that I said something.
A: I will.
B: You don’t look so good. Are you OK?
A: I hope that I’m not one of the 20 employees that will be let go.
B: Mark, I’m just pulling your leg. No one’s going to be let go. I was just joking.
A: Thank god! I was getting very worried about it.


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