Business Idioms Daily: Knocks my socks off, Eager beaver, Duck in water, One-trick pony, Cash cow, Queen bee, Talk Turkey, All bark and no bite, Eat crow, Pain in the neck, Flies off the handle, Like a bull in a China shop, Be in the soup

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Knocks my socks off
Eager beaver
Duck in water
one-trick pony
Cash cow
Queen bee
Talk Turkey
All bark and no bite
Eat crow
Pain in the neck
Flies off the handle
Like a bull in a China shop
Be in the soup

A: Hi George, thanks for making the time for our meeting.
B: Not a problem, we do need to go through each staff member’s performance form by the end of this week. It’s part of their annual performance appraisal, you know.
A: Right. So who do we got first? Brian.
B: What do you think of him?
A: This young man knocks my socks off. He’s an eager beaver, for sure. Although he’s relatively new, he’s taken to the job like a duck to water. He is serious about this job and very good at dealing with clients, too. Definitely not a one-trick pony.
B: Wow, you speak really highly of him so I’m sure he’s got the potential to be a cash cow for our business.
A: I’m 100% sure of that.
B: OK, so let’s move on to the next one, Tracy.
A: I have no idea what’s going in with this lady. She always acts like a queen bee, not willing to take the work that she thinks is beneath her. That’s the biggest problem with her.
B: So you mean she’s not committed to work as she should be and always passes her duties to others?
A: I’m afraid so.
B: I see. Well, now let’s talk about Jim.
A: Let’s talk turkey …he is a very nice guy. But it seems that he’s all bark and no bite, do you know what I mean?
B: Can you be more specific?
A: Alright, he is really good at selling himself in front of others and likes to talk big. But a few times he’s had to eat crow for those tasks he promised to complete but eventually failed to do so.
B: I get your point now. I’ve dealt with the same type of people before and they can be a pain in the neck, especially for a project with a set deadline.
A: I couldn’t agree more. Now, we’ve come to the last one, Gareth. This guy will be a problem sooner or later. He flies off the handle too easily and is like a bull in a china shop during cross-departmental meetings. He really needs to learn to work with people.
B: It’s true. Teamwork is what we value the most here. Otherwise he’ll soon be in the soup.
A: OK, thank you for your time George, it is really appreciated!
B: Not at all. Thank you for the feedback. I will take this into account when writing the staff development proposal…

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