Business Idioms Daily: Off the top of her head, Get cold feet, In the dog house, Cash Cow, Ate Crow, Bet on the wrong horse

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Off the top of her head
Get cold feet
In the dog house
Cash Cow
Ate Crow
Bet on the wrong horse

A: Hey Mike, how did the presentations go last night?
B: Mine was just fine, but I noticed that Lisa was a bit nervous. Well, she was basically giving it off the top of her head, if I can be honest with you.
A: She’s told me a couple of times that she gets cold feet during occasions like doing presentation in front of big audiences.
B: I think she just needs more practice. I’m sure next time she will do just fine.
A: Anyways, how’s the Marketing Department doing this year?
B: Not so well. Everybody’s morale is low, especially Bens’. He’s in the doghouse now.
A: Ben, that new salesperson?
B: Yes, him. The so-called cash cow doesn’t appear to be a selling machine like he himself has claimed. He definitely ate crow when he lost the biggest contract with ABC Corporation. I think we’ve bet on the wrong horse this time.
A: That doesn’t sound like good news.

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