Business Idioms Daily: Pour cold water on something, It’s the bomb, Land on one’s feet, Off the tops of one’s head

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Pour cold water on something
It’s the bomb
Land on one’s feet
Off the tops of one’s head


A: I have a fantastic idea. We should build an all robot restaurant.
B: I’ll believe it when I see it.
A: It would be faster, cleaner, and the robots would speak 35 different languages.
B: A robot restaurant! I don’t want to be served by a robot. It will never work and it will cost too much. It’s your worse idea ever.
A: Why are you so negative all the time? Stop pouring cold water on my ideas. Would it hurt you to say something positive once in a while.
B: OK. I will try. It’s the bomb! Wow! This is your best idea ever! (laughing)
A: This idea is just off the top of my head. I will think it through more to see if it’s possible.
B: I think you will come up with a great idea one day. You always land on your feet. It doesn’t matter how crazy your ideas are.
A: Yes because I always think good things will happen unlike you.


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