Business Idioms Daily: Pull the wool over someone’s eyes, Feel the pinch, Be in deep water

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Pull the wool over someone’s eyes
Feel the pinch
Be in deep water

A: Have you heard about Mt. Gox, the bitcoin company – you know – the virtual currency company?
B: No. What happened?
A: All of their bitcoins have disappeared. Apparently, a hacker broke into their network and stole everyone’s money.
B: Good heavens: How much?
A: Almost $500 million dollars.
B: The investors must be furious.
A: I’m sure they are. It is rumored that the CEO took the money.
B: If so then he sure pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.
A: He sure did and some of the investors now are feeling the pinch.
B: I would never invest in a virtual currency. It is not my cup of tea.
A: I couldn’t agree more. I would be in deep water with my wife if I had invested in it.


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