Business Idioms Daily: Put my foot in it, Called us on it, Get to the bottom of it, Made my blood boil, In the soup, To be the bomb, Let the cat out of the bag, Trouble with come our way

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Put my foot in it
Called us on it
Get to the bottom of it
Made my blood boil
In the soup
To be the bomb
Let the cat out of the bag
Trouble with come our way

A: I put my foot in it the other day and was so embarrassed.
B: How did you do that?
A: I was gossiping with Catherine in a restaurant about Lynn dating a married man and Lynn happened to be sitting two tables away.
B: But are you sure she heard your conversation?
A: Yes, she called us on it and swore she’d get to the bottom of it to find out who started the rumor.
B: Uh-oh, that’s not looking good. But it would make my blood boil too if I heard others gossiping about me.
A: Maybe, but we didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. By the way, do you know what happened to Frank? He’s really in the soup lately.
A: Really? What happened?
B: He planned a birthday party for his girlfriend which was supposed to be the bomb so he could make up with her. But one of his friends let the cat out of the bag and told her everything. So now he’s sad and lonely again.
A: Poor Frank…
B: Oh look, who’s that?
A: Which one?
B: The one sitting a few tables away alone.
A: Oh my god, it’s Frank!
B: We’d better ditch this place now otherwise trouble will come our way soon…

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