Business Idioms Daily: Set the cat among the pigeons, Behind my back

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Set the cat among the pigeons

Behind my back


A: John!

B: Oh, hello Rick. How are you doing?

A: Never mind that. What have you been saying in the office about me behind my back?

B: What do you mean?

A: Lisa says you’ve been telling everyone that I go out every weekend and I’m falling over and drunk. I’m furious!

B: All I said was I sometimes seen you at The Bar and your drunk.

A: Sometimes? When exactly?

B: Well, on Saturday.

A: Once! I hardly ever go out and have fun.

B: Oh.

A: And you know very well how this can affect my career.

B: I understand. I’m sorry about that.

A: I don’t know how I’ll convince our colleagues in the office the truth now. You’ve certainly set the cat among the pigeons this time!


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