Business Idioms Daily: Show someone the ropes, Twist someone round your little finger, Right up his street, Plain sailing

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Show someone the ropes
Twist someone round your little finger
Right up his street
Plain sailing


A: How did your first meeting go, Frank?
B: Oh, quite well, thanks.
A. Was it better than you expected?
B: Well, yes, Mark did a good job of showing me the ropes so I knew most of the people in the meeting.
A: I told you it would be all right, didn’t I? So what happened?
B: Well, I described my solution to the problem, I told them what the advantages would be of implementing my solution, and I said how long I thought it would take.
A: Were there any objections?
B: Not really. My presentation was very entertaining and they seemed to like me. I had them twisted round my little finger.
A: Really? That’s great!
B: Yes, he did ask me a few questions. Put nothing that I couldn’t handle. After I had answered his questions, it was plain sailing from there.
A: Well done. I think you can do any kind of presentations. They’re right up your street.



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