Business Idioms Daily: Walking on air, Have your heart in your mouth, Living on cloud-cockoo land

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Walking on air
Have your heart in your mouth
Living on cloud-cockoo land

A: I’m a bit worried about my interview tomorrow.
B: You’re very qualified for the Manager job. Just relax.
A: Well, I get nervous before interviews and my heart is in my mouth. Sometimes I puke.
B: That’s not good. Try practicing your interview that might help calm you down.
A: Yes, that might help.
B: (The next day) Did you get the job?
A: Yes, of course! I aced the interview and they loved me. But I don’t really like the company.
B: Why?
A: They have some crazy ideas about the future of the company. They want to build a city on Mars. (laughing)
B: That’s funny. They are really living on cloud-cockoo land. What are they thinking?
A: Your right but if it works then all of the employees stock options would be worth millions.
B: I don’t think that is going to happen.
A: If it did then I would really be walking on air.
B: You sure would. Do you think they need an accountant? Because I’m thinking about applying for a job.


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