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Welcome to EnglishEverywhere

We are a rapidly developing company who is always on the lookout for
passionate, dedicated, friendly and qualified
teachers to work with us.
If you are interested in teaching English online via your computer, we could be just the place for you.

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Advantages of working with E&E
No commute
How long does it take you to commute to work everyday? How much time does it take to check your e-mail?
With EnglishEverywhere you can work in your spare time from home at a time that suits you.
No scheduling problems (No hassles with place, price or canceling)
Do you have your own students? Do you have to manage time, place, and price?
Well, with E&E you are able to set your own availability times, and work comfortably from home.
All teachers have their own page on our Automatic Reservation System. There you can set your availability times, set holiday times, see all your lesson requests, confirm your lesson requests, and see the record of all your past lessons that you have done.

No need to wear a suit
How long do you take to look suitable for your lessons every day?
With E&E you don’t have to be overly smart in a shirt and tie. Our emphasis is on providing quality English lessons in a relaxed environment.


E&E Requirements


1. You must have at least TEFL/TOEFL qualification.
  • You must have at least TEFL/TOEFL qualification and experience teaching EFL previously. If you do not have any teaching qualifications please do not apply to us as we will be unable to go any further with your application.
2. PC skills are also required:
  • You need to be proficient at using Skype (including their video options).
  • You need to be able to type quite fast.
  • You need to be able to send files and URLs via Skype.
  • You need to know how to adjust the audio and webcam settings on your computer.
  • You need to be able to sign-out/in with an E&E teacher account quickly and efficiently.
3. We require all our teachers

  • to have and administrate a stable internet environment.
  • to respond to our e-mails within 36 hours at the latest.
  • to to be able to master the requirements before you begin teaching lessons.
If you can satisfy the above requirements and are interested in working with us please read the contract and conditions (linked below), apply and wait for our response.
We are only able to reply to those people we are interested in interviewing. In addition we are only able to reply to applications when we have a current vacancy. Our apologies if you do not hear from us, and thank you for taking the time to apply). *Please note: If we invite you to take part in the interview process it is not a gurantee that you will work with us. Moreover, if during the interview procedure we feel that you are not compatible with our company we may halt the interview proceedings at any point. Please ensure that you read the pages linked below before you send an application to us. Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting you.


This is how it works

E&E students are looking to develop their English skill to enhance their everyday lives – either for business or for personal reasons. We want teachers who will be dedicated and responsible in helping them achieve their goals. So, if you are interested in working with students online from home please:

1. Read our Contract & Conditions (accessible when you click on the Application Form link below)
2. If you agree, apply from the page following the Contract & Conditions page.

3. Have an Interview with E&E staff and an Interview-lesson with an E&E student.
Please ensure you read the Interview Procedure page for a clear idea of the process.
4. Wait for our response of if your application has been successful. If successful:
5. Be registered on the Automatic Reservation system as a regular teacher.
Students can then reserve lessons with you.
6. Teach your classes, fill in the class report sheets.
7. Receive your salary.
Please note that payments are transferred by PayPal alone. Please check that PayPal is available in your country of residence, and that you are able to transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account because this service is unavailable in some countries. Your can check this information from here.