FaceTalk Freelance Trainer

Keep your skills sharp while earning extra money as an online English tutor with Lianlian. Choose to work flexibly with any smartphone that has stable, high-speed internet access.


Language Proficiency:Trainers should be good at spoken English,it will be better if applicants with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate or IELTS/TOEFL,teaching experience will be preferred

Stable & High Internet Access (Required):Trainers’ internet speed requires to consistently be above 300kbps for uploading and 500kbps for downloading.

Updated Android/IOS Operating System:Trainers can be compatible with IOS and Android cellphones. Cellphones with above 8.0 IOS operation system and 4.0 Android operation system will be preferable.

Quiet Environment:Make sure you are in a quiet place to engage with your students. Background noise can be a distraction for both you and students.

Detailed instruction for tutor application:Click the link here and open it by mobile phone browser,then download this app and register: https://www.lian-lian.com.cn/about/download/teacher.Follow the instructions in the app to complete your application.

How to apply?First please download teacher’s version from iPhone store,Android market or Google Play and register with your phone number or email address. Then complete the following step by step and wait for all being audited and confirmed within 24-48 hours.
—Text:Text a convincing profile including self-introduction and your teaching styles.(100words)
—Voice:The 40~50S message is meant to impress your students with your good language proficiency.Please make sure to sound clear and clean.
—Video:A good 40-50s show video with nice clean background will definitely help you to attract more attention from the students. Please make sure it both looks and sounds good!
—Video:Choose the best picture you have as your video cover for being more appealing and eye catching.
—Personal tags: Choose your own personal tags to show your special style.

How do I charge?When you talk to a paying Facetalk user, you get paid for each full minute you spend talking to them. You can set the price yourself by per minute, and we paid the salary weekly .

Should you have further questions or any suggestions to address, please contact us via email at yixi@yixionline.com.

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