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#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

Are you a brand new online ESL teacher? If you have been thinking about teaching ESL online to kids then you’re in the right place?

This Facebook Group is for brand-new online ESL teachers. This Facebook Group is to help teachers get up to speed quickly to teach ESL online to kids.


Warmest regards,

Happy Teaching 🙂

Daniel DiDio
The Online ESL Pro

 ESL Heroes: Interview with Daniel Didio

ESL Authority: Dan on Making $75k Teaching Online with VIPKid

Online ESL Job


31abc Group ESL Teacher

31ABC Reviews

51Talk Online ESL Teacher for Kids

51talk Reviews


61kidz Reviews

91Waijiao Home-based ESL teacher

 91Waijiao Reviews

98Kid K-12 Online ESL Tutor

98Kid Reviews 

Varsity Tutors

A Top Class Online ESL Job

A Top Class Reviews

                              ABC360 Home-based ESL Teachers                               

ABC360 Reviews

ABC5 Online Teacher

ABC5 Reviews

   ABC International Group Teach ESL at Home

ABC International Group Inc Reviews

Acadsoc Online ESL Tutor

Acadsoc Reviews

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Aceish Online English and IELTS Tutor

Aceish Reviews

   Aimlesson Academy Online ESL Teachers Needed

Aimlesson Reviews

ALO7 Online ESL English Tutors

Alo7 Reviews

Aloju Online Teaching recruitment

Aloju Online Teaching Recruitment Reviews

AllRight.io Professional English Tutor

AllRight.io Reviews

Antoree Tutor

Antoree Reviews


 Apax FreeTalk 

 ApaxFreetalk Reviews

Airclass Online English Teacher

Airclass Reviews

Athena@Home Online ESL Teacher

Athena Academy Reviews

Barons English  home-based

Barons English Reviews

      Beijing Shisan Education Part-Time Online English Teachers

Beijing Shisan Education Reviews

#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Berlitz Reviews

Best Learning Online ESL Teacher

 Best Learning English Reviews

BestTeacher Online English Teacher      

Best Teacher  Reviews

Bibo home-based online English teacher

Bibo Global Reviews

Teach ESL Online from Home

BiteABC Home-based Online English

BiteABC Reviews

Blazaar Online ESL Teacher

Blazaar Reviews


BlingABC Reviews

Online ESL Job

Blue Sky English Online Teaching Kids

Blue Sky English Online Reviews

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BokTutors Online Teachers

BokTutors Reviews

                                        BoxFish Native English Speakers                                           

BoxFish Reivews

Brown Cow English NATIVE CELTA/TESOL (ONLY!!!) Online Teachers

Brown Cow English Reviews

Buke8 Online ESL Teacher

Buke8 Reviews 

Cafetalk Online Teaching Platform

Cafetalk Reviews


Cambly Reviews

                    Carrot Global – Teach Online from Home                     

Carrot English Reviews 

CENA academy Internet Online English

Cena Academy Reviews

Continuum Education Services

Continuum Education Services Reviews

Cricket Media Experienced ESL teachers

Cricket Media Reviews

                                  DaDaABC Online Teacher for Kids                                    

DaDaABC Reviews

DeerKid Online English Teacher

DeerKid Reviews


Dreamen English

Dreamen Reviews

eHello Online English Teacher

eHello Reviews

E-say Online ESL Teacher

E-Say Reviews

                                       Ecom Online Language Teacher                                       

Ecom Reviews

Eigopower Online ESL Teacher

Eigopower Reviews

 EIGOX Teach English Online 

                                   Teach ESL Online from Home            

Eigox Reviews

Engliphone Teach English Online

Engliphone Reviews

EnglishDom Online ESL Teacher

EnglishDom Reviews


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EnglishEverywhere Online Teaching

EnglishEverywhere Reviews

EnglishKey PT online English instructors

English Key Reviews

EnglishLive EF

English First English Live Reviews


English-Natali Reviews

English Native Teach Online

Online ESL Job

English Native Reviews

Englishunt Tutors

Englishunt Reviews

EnglishUp online trainers

English Up Reviews 

Engoo Online ESL Teacher

Engoo Reviews

#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

Enlai Total Educational Solutions Online Teaching Job

Enlai Total Educational Solutions Reviews

Enline Online ESL Teacher

Enline Reviews

Varsity Tutors

EOstudy Online TESOL Teacher

EOstudy Reviews

ESLTutor Online English Tutor

ESL Tutor Reviews

ESL Tutor Link Online Teacher

ESL Tutor Link Reviews

FaceTalk Freelance Trainer

Facetalk Reviews

FastSchool Online Teachers

Fast School Reviews

                                              First Future Online Teacher                                               

First Future Reviews

Federal IELTS Online Teachers

Federal IELTS Reviews

                                    Fluentbe English Teacher Online                                   

Fluentbe Reviews

Fluency Tutors

 Fluency Tutors Reviews

Funbulous (JiuQu English) Native Speaker Of American English 

Funbulous JiuQu English Reviews

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Genesis Foundry – Online Virtual Teachers

Genesis Foundry Reviews

Giftkid Online ESL Teacher

Giftkid Reviews

Global 21 Online Native English Teachers

Global 21 Reviews

GlobalEnglish Talk with Teacher

GlobalEnglish Reviews

Global VCC Online Teach Online

Global VCC Reviews 

Gopopon APP

Gopopon Reviews

GVE Online Education Online ESL Tutor    

Golden Voice English Reviews

Haowj Online ESL Teacher

Haowj Reviews

Hellokid K-12 Online ESL Tutors Needed

HelloKid Reviews


HiKnow Teach English Online

HiKnow Reviews

Hioffer Native English Speaker Online

Hioffer Reviews

Hi!Tutor Online Language Teacher

HiTutor Reviews

Hugo Online ESL Teacher Wanted

HugoEnglish Reviews

Hujiang Online English Teacher

Hujiang Reviews


i2 Education Reviews

iSuperKID Teach Anywhere with Good Internet Connection

iSuperKID Reviews

Italki Teacher

italki Reviews

iTutorGroup / TutorABC Online ESL Teacher

TutorABC Reviews

ITutorGroup Reviews

Teach ESL Online from Home

I Use English Esl Teachers Needed For Online Teaching Position

I Use English Reviews

Kampusworld Native English Speaker

Kampusworld Reviews

Kuanson Group Part Time Online ESL Teachers

Kuanson Group Reviews

Kukuspeak Teach Online

Kukuspeak Reviews

Landi English Home-Based ESL Teachers

Landi English Reviews

#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

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Langham International

Langham International Reviews

Langroo Online ESL Teacher

Langroo Reviews

Language Development System – Online ESL Teachers

Language Development System Reviews

Linguatutor Part-time Online English teachers

Linguatutor Reviews

Learnerlane Online ESL Teachers needed

Learnerlane Reviews

Online ESL Job

LearnLight Virtual Language Teachers

LearnLight Reviews

Learnship Freelance English Teacher

Learnship Reviews

Learntalk ESL Teacher

Learntalk Reviews

Le Waijiao online English teacher

Lewaijiao Reviews

Linewow Online ESL Teacher

Linewow Reviews

Lingoda Online ESL Teacher

Lingoda Reviews

LINGOKIDS LiveEnglish Teacher

Lingokids Reviews


LingoLoop Reviews

Lingua Airlines Online English Teacher

Lingua Airlines Reviews

Live English ESL Teachers

Live-English Reviews

Live Lingua Skype Language Teacher

Live Lingua Reviews

Lyngo Online English Instructor

Lyngo Reviews

Magic ABC Online Teachers

Magic ABC Reviews

Magic Ears

Magic Ears Reviews


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Mainichi Eikaiwa Teach English online

Mainichi Eikaiwa Reviews

Meiguosishu / Usasishu English teachers to teach students online

Meiguo Sishu / usasishu Reviews

Meten ESL Teacher

Meten Reviews

Moxon English as a Skype Teacher

Moxon English Reviews

MPC Connect Teach English Online

MPC Connect Reviews

Naboomboo Tutor Platform

Naboomboo Reviews

Native Talk Online Teacher

NativeTalk Reviews

NewWay Online English through Skype

New Way English Reviews

Varsity Tutors

New Vision Learning Services online instructors

New Vision Learning Services Reviews

Nice Talk Tutor

NiceTalk Reviews 

OLIBD Online ESL Instructor

OLIBD Reviews

OkPanda Video ESL Teacher

OkPanda Reviews

Open English Work from Home – Online ESL Teachers

Open English Reviews

OSConnect Teach English Online

OSConnect Reviews

PalFish English Tutor

Palfish English Reviews

Pinata Edu Online ESL Teacher

Pinataedu Reviews

Polly Ambassador

Polly Lingual Reviews

Preplesson Online Teacher Platform

Preplesson Reviews

#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

Preply Tutor Platform

Preply Reviews

PudTree Part-time Online KIDS ESL Teacher

Pudtree Reviews

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PutSchool Online English Teacher

Put School Reviews

QQ English Online ESL Teacher

QQ English Reviews

QuQuAbc English Learning Platform

QuQuABC Reviews

RareJob Teach English Online

Rarejob Reviews


Rocky English Online ESL Teacher

Rocky English Reviews

Rype Teach the World Your Language

Rype Reviews

SameSpeak Teach English Online

Samespeak Reviews

Sankei English Online English Tutor

Sankei Online English Reviews

SayABC Home-Based Online ESL Teachers Needed

SayABC Reviews

Seer English Online Tutor

Seer English Reviews

SkimaTalk Online ESL Teacher

SkimaTalk Reviews

SkyEng Teach ESL Online

SkyEng Reviews

Skype English Classes Now

Skype English Reviews

Snap Lingo Part-Time Online ESL Teacher

SnapLingo Reviews

Teach ESL Online from Home

Speaken English tutors

Speaken Reviews

Speechify Online Adult ESL Teacher

Speechify Reviews

Superprof English Platform

Superprof Reviews

TAL Education Teach ESL Online

TAL Education Reviews

Talk 915 tutor program

Talk915.com (ZTE) Reviews

Talkbean English Tutors

Talkbean Reviews

TalktoCanada Teach ESL Online

TalkToCanada Reviews

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Tandem TUTOR

Tandem Reviews

Target International Student Center  Online ESL teacher

Target International Student Center Reviews

TealitTalk Teach Online

TealitTalk Reviews

TianTianTalk – Teach ESL Online

TianTianTalk Reviews


Topica Edtech Reviews

Online ESL Job

TopOnlineTeachers Online Tutors

TopOnlineTeachers Reviews

Tutoring Lab Online English Tutor

Tutoring Lab Reviews

Twosigmas Teach Online

Twosigmas Reviews

Ukuni.net Online English Teacher

Ukuni.net Reviews


USKid Reviews

UStalk Online English Teacher for Chinese Children

USTalk Reviews

Varsity Tutors – Elementary Online Tutoring

Varsity Tutors Reviews

VIPTalk Online ESL Teacher

VipTalk / iShowEdu / ishow Reviews

VIPKID Part Time Online ESL Teacher for Kids

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VIPKid Reviews

VivaLing Coach

Vivaling Reviews

Voxy Online English Language Teacher

Voxy Reviews

Way Up Online ESL Instructor

Way Up Reviews

WeEnglish online English Instructor

WeEnglish Reviews

WonderKids English Online Passionate Teachers

WonderKids Reviews

Woospeak Teach Online Business English

Woospeak Reviews

Yoli English Teaching Platform

Yolichat Reviews

ZikTalk Tutors

Ziktalk Reviews

#Brand New Online ESL Teachers _Teach Kids_ Facebook Group

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Varsity Tutors


Teach ESL Online from Home


50 thoughts on “Featured ESL Jobs Online”

  1. Hi, i am a qualified TEFL teacher. I want to do online teaching. No idea where to start because there are so many agencies, schools, etc. to choose from. Please may I ask for assistance


      1. Hi Daniel. I’m also looking into teaching English online, and I’m wondering why you recommend starting out with a smaller company and if the pay is comparable between companies like Kukuspeak and VIPKID. Thank you so much for all the info you’ve posted- it has been super helpful!


      2. VIPKID is strict compared to some of the other companies. For me, it would have been difficult to pass everything going directly to VIPKID. When I started teaching ESL online there were only a few companies. Now you have many choices.


  2. Hi Teacher Daniel,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for this post, it has been quite helpful to me as I’m currently looking for an online teaching gig.
    I have noticed that a lot of these places do not include South Africa when they list their “native speaking countries”, I am South African and I am a native English teacher. Do you think my nationality will count against me when it comes to getting online work and do you have any information on whether or not they hire South Africans?
    Thank you in advance.


  3. Thank you so much Daniel Didio. You’ve been such great help and very supportive. I have not only found an online job with no hassles and efficiency,but your guidance and supportiveness is indeed examplary. Thank you!


  4. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there who cares. Teacher Daniel has been a great help to me.
    Thank you immensely.


  5. Hi Daniel this list is awesome! Do you happen to know of any good (well paying) companies that are in the Euro and/or Middle East time zones that pay well? Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I love the list and I appreciate you taking the time to put it together.



  6. Hello Daniel, Thank you for putting together this awesome list of teaching online ESL resources. Your time and dedication spent on this project is really appreciated. Thanks again.


    1. Veronica, No problem! I’m here to help other ESL Teachers get online ESL jobs. It has changed my life. Now, I can stay home with my family. I don’t have to travel from country to country now looking for an ESL Job.


  7. Hi Teacher Daniel. I went through Mock Class 1 and 2 with VIPKID, but did not get an offer. While disappointed, I realize that I need to improve because I definitely want to reapply. What advice do you have?


  8. Hi Daniel, Wow! So many schools, how do we know which ones to pick! I’m from the UK wanting to get into this line of work, so still new to this, but I’ve found that many schools want American English. So the schools I’m currently applying to (just finishing up my classroom teaching job now) are DadaABC in the morning to teach Chinese children (their evening) and maybe Russian children in the afternoon (their evening). I’m finding it hard to find Russian schools, firstly with a website I can actually read, and secondly, reviews on the company. I’ve sent my CV to English Natali but can’t find reviews on them, or much about job applications at all. Does that sound like a good plan of attack? I’d appreciate your input. Thank you very much.


  9. Hello Daniel!!! you´ve probably replied a thousand and one times the same questions…have you got a list of companies that hire non-natives? I´m getting a bit frustrated here, lol. Thanks for the effort you´ve put into here!!!


  10. Hi Daniel!

    You have a fantastic site! I did not know there were so many companies to look at and choose from. My questions are: are their any that teach in the same time zone as I am in EST (New York…same as SC) and do all the companies pay about the same or are there some that pay better…or is some of the pay made up so much by incentives that it’s difficult to say?
    I appreciate your input. Thanks so much



  11. Thanks a lot teacher Daniel. I highly appreciate your effort to make this huge list. I have applied to many companies now and I am waiting for their replies. I am grateful to you, sir.


  12. Daniel – Can you tell me which companies you don’t need a bachelors? I’m trying to find something for my sister. She has a high school diploma and has 2 kids at home and this is perfect for her to make some money.


  13. Hello Teacher Daniel, I am an English Teacher, I really would like to work in an online English Teacher, I applied at Vipkid but I lost my Mock 2 class (they told me they will review my Mock class 2 this week) but I haven’t receive any answer from them yet….so I decided to apply to 51 talk (I will have my interview soon, and see what happen…) I am not working right now, I have two kids, so I really need this job, I love teaching and teaching online will be great for me…could you please give any tips? thank you for your advice, and congratulations in your teaching journey…many blessings,

    Sandra V. Sulzbach


      1. Thank you so much Teacher Daniel for your advice…Actually Vipkid gave me another opportunity and I just did my Mock Class 2 yesterday…hopefully I pass the class…I felt I did really good, let’s see…but I will apply different like you say and see how it goes…thank you …Can I ask you also what is your advice in a video I saw about a recipe for the throat? I saw it was lemon, ginger and I lost the other ingredient please? Is that when I talk to much I need something to relieve my throat? many blessings,


      2. Well, after getting my second time Mock Class 2 with Vipkid I failed this one also, I don’t understand really because the Mentor was telling me that I did an excellent job…I graduated as an English Teacher and I consider myself a really good professional with good teaching techniques, I really feel kind of upset and disappointed of this company, but I am glad to know that there are many ones that I can apply also, so, I will continue in my journey and see what God has for me…I am very faithful person, so, I leave this to God, when God don’t want me to have a particular job or area in my life…he took it from me and gives me the best thing in my life…so, I really appreciate if you could give an orientation of what company I should look for…thank you again, and many blessings,


  14. Hi Daniel! Thank you so much for this list. Very appreciated. I am looking to get started ASAP. What company has a very quick interview/hiring process and bi-weekly payment system? Thank you once again!


  15. Hey Daniel,

    Great content, I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the USA at the age of 4, have an American accent as I was raised in the North East – NJ and now live in Miami. My question is would being born out of the US hurt my chances? I also would like to know if relocating to Spain would eliminate VIPKIDS in the future as an option. Thank you for your feedback.


  16. Hi Daniel and whoever might see this,

    This is fast school, we provide online position teaching Children from 4-12 years old. And recently we’ve established a new system for job application, you can check our website for more details :

    Please let me know if it’s not appropriate to post this information here, we can negotiate. Our purpose is to offer more opportunities for mroe job seekers.


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