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We are looking for fluent or proficient English speakers to help language learners improve their English conversation skills on our app

What is Pop On?

We connect language partners & tutors with people who need language assistance instantly through our app. Use your language abilities to help people in your spare time and make money!

Flexible Schedule

Choose your own schedule and come online at your own convenience. Accept teaching requests on the go from anywhere, anytime!

Extra Income

This is a spare time opportunity to earn extra money. Get paid directly from your virtual wallet to your PayPal or Alipay account. It’s fast, simple, and secure!

Globally Connected

Pop On App gives you an opportunity to connect with language learners and cultural enthusiasts around the world. Explore new culture through interactions with those you connect with.

How will I help people learn English?

On Pop On you can get paid to be a “Language Partner”, a “Tutor”, or both!

Language Partners focus teaching student’s spoken English by guiding them through conversations whereas “Online Tutors” focus on the more traditional style of teaching by helping students build their foundation through the use of curriculum.


When do I need to use the App?

This is a “Spare Time” job that you can do anywhere, anytime! All you need is a good internet connection & a smartphone! Most of our learners are based in China; therefore, it is best to be online during our peak hours, which are 10 AM – 12 PM & 4 PM – 12 AM Beijing time zone (UTC +08:00).

How do I make money?                       

  • Online Tutor

Tutor sessions will be 15 minutes long with a price set from $2 – $5 based on students request price.

Once you establish a relationship with a student, you can do direct sessions and set your own price from $1 to $60.

  • Language Partners

Makeup to $6 based on students requests price.


  • Tiered Reward System

You will receive the following cash rewards after each completed service:

1st completed service = $1

10 completed service = $3

80 completed service = $10

300 completed service = $20

1000 completed service = $40



  • No experience required
  • Native or proficient English speakers
  • Able to lead students in conversation
  • Must have a smartphone (Android or IOS) device
  • Interested in foreign culture and making friends all over the world


How do I start?

Step1 – Download- go to the iOS or android app stores, type in popon and click to download.

Google play- PopOn Language Help or iOS- PopOn

Step 2 – Register your account

Step 3 – Press Offer Help

Step 4 – Click “Tutor” or “Chat Pal aka Language Partner” to apply

Step 5 – Submit your application and you will be contacted within 2 business days

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