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In 2016, I made more than $75,000 teaching online with VIPKID.  Here is an article about how I got started.

ESL Heroes: Interview with Daniel Didio

ESL Authority: Dan on Making $75k Teaching Online with VIPKid

Read the Article Here!

VIPKID Ranked #5 Work from Home Jobs for 2017

VIPKID Demo Lesson

I just started out like all the other ESL teachers. I have a TESOL Certificate, a bachelor degree, and I have 10 years experience. Most of my experience is teaching in the classroom and not online.

It took me about 6 months to learn how to teach online. It is very different from teaching in the classroom and the curriculum changes at a faster pace. Most of the classes are around 25 minutes long. So I had to be more engaging online.

After teaching over 8,200 classes with VIPKID, I had to learn a few tricks that really work in the classroom.

  1. I sing the vocabulary words for the students and 99% of the students sing them back. I am totally not a singer but I had to adjust my teaching because just saying and repeating the vocabulary got very boring for me and the students.
  2. You must encourage the student throughout the whole class. Great Job!, Hi Five!, Way to go!, That was great!. These are just a few of the things I say in every class.
  3. Smile a lot. I will hurt your face at first and feel a little funny. But after a while it will just become natural. Smile, smile, and smile some more.
  4. Laugh and joke around with the students. That will make it a fun class for the kids. But you have to adjust this for each kids. Some kids you can joke more with than other.

These are just a few things that I use in the classroom. I have over 1,000 students, I have 3,300 parents following me to book classes, I have taught over 2,100 students with VIPKID, and I have taught over 8,200 classes in 502 days with VIPKID.

Happy Teaching!

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Ask any questions about the job please post in the comments below.


37 thoughts on “GET STARTED TODAY! Teaching ESL Online from Home”

  1. I have my TESOL Certificate with very little experience teaching. i also have a Master degree in Education, What do I need to do to teach on line with your organization?


    1. Bill, You must be from the US or Canada to teach with VIPKID. You have a Master degree and TESOL Certificate so you can apply. You meet the basic requirements.
      When I started teaching online, I started with a smaller company for my first 6 months. That gave me more confidence and experience. I didn’t pass my first demo class with VIPKID. I had to do a 2nd one which I passed. Any more questions just let me know. Teacher Daniel


      1. Hello i am William Harris. i am based in Mexico but i have 18 years of Live in England. i Was wondering whether or not i could work for you and also if they work is guaranteed as ive worked for a Chinese company for 6 months earn $12 an hour and 8 hours a day. i have a Tefl course and also 15 years of English at school. Thank you in Advance and hope to hear from you soon
        William Harris


    2. Hi Bill, I am originally from Cuba where I taught ESL at a University level for 23 years, I have lived in Canada for the last 16 years. I have not been able to get back to teaching here and I don’t have a TESOL certificate but I do have a Master’s from a Cuban University which has been validated by the University of Toronto to be equal to a Master’s issued by a Canadian University. Would I be able to apply with VIPKID?


      1. Hi there again Bill and thank you so much for your reply. Just one more question, do they send you a statement of earnings every year so you can do your taxes or do you have to keep track of your earnings yourself? Also being in Canada, do you know if my wages would be in American dollars or US dollars? Thank you again and have an awesome day!!!


    3. Hello Daniel. I have just completed online training and have received a TEFL Certificate and TEYL Certificate. I have participated in Volunteer Work as a Bible Teacher for over 30 years. However, I do Not have a Bachelor’s Diploma in any subject. I do have years of teaching experience in my volunteer work. I have also been employed as a Substitute Teacher, Elementary School Librarian, Computer Teacher and Assessment Clerk at several Elementary Schools over the years. I love teaching children and I love introducing children to the work of books! I am also a professional storyteller. I received my certificate from TEFL Full Circle located in London. I learned so much and I’m ready to work. My problem, of course, is no Bachelor’s Diploma. Is there Any chance that I can be used by your company? If not, can you please suggest a company that would take me on? I’m enthusiastic, passionate, and have some great ideas to help young children learn English. I just need a chance.


  2. Hi!
    I have MA in English language and literature.
    I also spent some time in the USA as a child. However, I am currently based in Europe, in Serbia, where I also graduated. I have a lot expirience in teaching children. Is there any possibility for me to start working for VIPKID?
    Thanks in advance!


  3. I am an experienced, qualified English teacher from England. I have taught ages 4-89, in class, online and private in homes. I have taught in England, Holland, Germany, Egypt China and Russia, listening, speaking, reading and writing for different levels of English from beginner to Advanced/Business and prep for many exams, one of my male students was accepted into Cambridge University, with the help from my lessons. I am at present free to return to online teaching, do you have any vacancies in your establishment for a well educated teacher
    Kind Regards


    1. Victoria, We do have openings. Sorry about the late reply. I was on vacation. You have to be from the US and Canada. It looks like you have enough experience. So if you are from the US or Canada please apply.


  4. Hello, I am currently a First Grade teacher working 8 hours per week. I am looking for work from home. I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Ed with a focus in Reading and Literacy. I have never done anything like this before but highly interested. What type of test did you have to pass? Melissa


    1. Melissa, Sorry about the late reply. I was on vacation in Beijing and Shanghai. You have to pass a demo class. Some teachers have to do 2 demo classes. I had to do 2 demos. The person at VIPKID will act like a kid and you will teach. They will give you all the material for the lesson but you need some props like stuffed animals or puppets. If you have anymore questions please let me know. Teacher Daniel


  5. Hello! I am a first year teacher in Korea and am about to move back to America in March. Should I send my video now or in March? This looks like an exciting opportunity!


    1. I would wait until March. Then you will have more things in place. You need to get things setup like 2 internet connections, good headset, computer, and have a back up system. Don’t worry the will be hiring continuously all this year.


  6. I am Nisith Bose from India. Incidentally I came across your portal and knew that teaching kids might be very interesting. As to my my qualification I am an MA in English from Visva -Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India. Will u plz find out a job of a teacher there ? If yes then reply me soon. I am really interested to teach English abroad.


  7. Hello Bill, my name is Abigail and I am from Nigeria. I have M. A and B. A in English Language but I don’t have teaching experience. I desire to teach online but I don’t know where to start applying for vacancies. Please can you help me? Thanks


  8. I am Mary Pichardo from the United States. I grew up in New York and Florida. I have been an ESL teacher in China for more than seven years. Before that I taught most subjects in the U.S. but my area of expertise is Science. I would like to apply to work online. Thank you, Dr. Mary Pichardo


    1. Dear, Mary.
      I’m a Science teacher, I’ve been working in Kidstar International too and would like you to share your experience with me. Please, contact me ASAP. My wechat is robokot14, QQ 1829384170, email
      Thank you.


  9. Can you be a bit more transparent with the math of how you get $70,000 annually. With all the bonuses, I believe you can make no more than $21/$22 an hour.

    $70,000 \ 21 = 3,300 hours a year
    Not evening accounting for holidays or taking anytime off whatsoever:
    3,333 hours / 52 weeks = 64 hours per week

    I don’t even think there are that many hours to open up on the schedule, much less fill because I know there aren’t that many PEAK hours a week.

    Maybe 4:30 to 10:00am every weekday. 5.5 * 5 = 27.5.
    And 9:00pm – 10:00am on weekends. 13 * 2 = 26

    27.5 + 26 = 53.5. A whole ten hours short of 64.

    If I assume $22/he instead of $21, the final number of hours needed per week is 61, which is also significantly higher than 53.5. Again, that’s saying you work 365 days a year with a full schedule everyday and you work 13 hours straight, two days in a row every weekend. EVERY weekend.

    I only ask because my main source of income is VIPKID, and if I can effectively double my gross income from VIPKID, I’d do it for sure.

    Are you being paid more than $21 an hour? Are you a special higher level staff (doing admin or marketing like this website) that accounts for your $70,000? What’s your secret?!


    1. Pat, I make $21 per hour. You can work 13 hours a day with VIPKID. I teach between 22-26 hours on the weekend. I teach 10 hours a day during the week. I average 70+ hours a week with VIPKID. The math adds up. I have been doing this with VIPKID for 569 days. I have taught 2,452 students. I have taught as of today 9,501 classes. My secret is I have a lot of students. Any more questions please let me know.


      1. Yeah. Good work, man! While waiting for a reply, I checked out your blog in the meantime. I definitely see how it adds up with a bunch of non-peak hours.

        So I guess that’s the heart of my next question. The few hours I’ve opened up outside of peak hours really don’t get filled… not even trial students testing them out. I assume it is because the children are at school. When I lived in China, it was quite the same story if trying to find daytime work.

        So what kind of students are signing up during school hours? Is there something that sets them apart from your peak-hour students? What’s the magic element to attracting non-peak hour students?


      2. Pat, When I first started my non peak hours weren’t filling up. But I just kept them open. It took about a year and now they fill up. So from 9 am to 5 pm. I take one and half hours off between that time frame for breaks. I get 6+ hours every day and it is stable. It wasn’t at first. It took a lot of hard work. You have to make yourself available any incentive to get yourself in front of the parents you need to do. Write a bedtime story. Any promotion helps. Stuff like that increased my followers and now almost any time slot I open is getting booked. My booking rate for a total schedule of 67-70 hours a week 98% booked every week. If you want to learn more what I do Sign up for my 15 minute Consultation. I provide One-on-One coaching to help teachers.


  10. I am kazeem from Nigeria, and I have NCE certificate in teaching and B.ED in Educational Management from Nigeria. I have eight year experience, I have work in over six schools both in primary and college. I wish to join your organization if you permit me.


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