Langroo Online ESL Teacher

Job: Langroo Teacher

Mission: To make language learning fun, personal and results orientated


  • By serving as a student’s 1-1 language tutor through Facebook

Why This Is Exciting:

  • The most difficult part of language learning is motivation and persistence. Most people want to be fluent in another language but don’t get there. Current solutions aren’t changing much. 90% of online courses don’t get finished.
  • The answer? Human accountability and convenience.
  • Using Facebook as a platform, students can now have their teacher at the touch of a button in a place they’re always in. It’s like having a language teacher in your living room reminding you of what to do and being there when you want to have a discussion (accountability and convenience).
  • We are an ambitious Irish based startup and we are looking for fun personalities to help us on our journey.

The Process:

  • We match up a student to you based on fit
  • You add them on Facebook, say hello, and schedule a 15 minute free trial class
  • You show the student how to sign-up and pay after the trial call
  • Once signed-up, send them a list of resources weekly for them to study, which includes one written assignment. All content will be provided for us so you won’t need to source it.
  • Organise the 50 minute call you have with them every week via Facebook


  • Correcting any mistakes in their written or spoken language (with the focus of speaking naturally)
  • Holding them accountable to getting their work done
  • Showing your personality and giving them an insight into the culture of a native speaker
  • Having fun with them, making sure they look forward to the call and get a lot of actionable written feedback
  • Being creative and tailoring your approach to reach their end objectives



  • €10.50 OR €14.50 per student class (which covers a 50 minute conversation, answering of questions when needed, correction of a maximum 250 word assignment, and communication and a reminder of what content to study every week)
  • Note that the free trial class will not be paid for (15 minutes), but if you sign-up that student you will get €14.50 for the first class.
  • We will increase your salary by 50c/class for every year you stay with us
  • You will also get the chance to contribute to a new exciting company, act as brand ambassador and for every new student you introduce to us we will pay you €5. You can be marketing on the go.


  • You must be able to commit to taking on a minimum of 3 students per week (roughly 3 hours) and for a period of 3 months. Building continuity with the students is very important.

Note the company name is currently getting changed for marketing reasons to Langroo (and we are in the process of changing the website).

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