Lingua Airlines Online English Teacher

Wanted English teacher!

(Part-time and full-time)

Lingua Airlines’ – a young and rapidly growing company that actively promotes innovative education for the Russian market product – English training online. Our core values – it is the quality of education and the success of each student. You do not yet have experience teaching English language online? It does not matter! The main thing that you were hereby Instructor *

* Signs of Present Teacher:

  • You perfectly know English;
  • Do you know how to teach and know how to do it;
  • You know how to make the student in class was always interesting!

If you are a teacher – then we are waiting for you in our company!

How is the reception of a work:

  • You send resume for the position, “English teacher” on
  • If we like it, we will offer you to be tested (it takes place in several stages)
  • If you pass the test, we will teach you how to teach English through Skype and acquaint you with the work rules in our company
  • Once we see that you are ready, you will immediately start working! (Usually the entire process- from the test prior to the start of work – takes one week)
  • The first salary you get after a week of work!

If you are always happy to help you in the process you have any questions, our managers and senior teachers of English!

Read an interview with the head of the company’s website at

So, you are invited to:

  • decent rates: up to 450 rubles ($ 13.5) for 45 minutes
  • job English language tutor from home, without sidings
  • schedule: part-time or full-time;
  • Salary is paid 1 time in two weeks;
  • work in an innovative and fast growing companies.

You come to us when:

  • You – the best / the best in the business! (see the above features of the present teachers.);
  • you have a degree in teaching (or CELTA certificate);
  • your experience of teaching English / tutoring – at least 2 years;
  • you are able to work with the British textbooks (Headway, Cutting Edge, English File, Total English et al.);
  • You are sociable and love to communicate with people;
  • you have a fast and stable Internet connection.

If you want to become part of the future today – we will be happy to see you in our company! Please send your resume to  and we’ll review it!

We believe that the future of online learning!

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