Moxon English as a Skype Teacher

Working with Moxon English as a Skype teacher

Being a Skype teacher with Moxon English is really enjoyable work. You’ll meet people from all over the world without having to leave home . . . and get paid for it! It’s also extremely rewarding to see your students improving day by day as a result of your hard work. The lessons are usually based on communication and conversation, so a large part of your job is to build relationships. Your most important responsibility is to TURN UP FOR THE LESSON AND ENJOY YOURSELF – we know that if you are on-time, relaxed and happy then your student will be too. We’ll give you all the resources you need to deliver excellent lessons on Skype
Normally being professional and having common sense are enough to ensure a successful relationship with students and with Moxon English but there are also some guidelines and rules which need to be followed.

Pay is 150 euros gross for the completion of each 10-hour cycles of lessons + some admin work
Teaching experience or a TEFL qualification
Communicative, enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the English language
Fast and reliable internet connection
All English teachers can apply (speaking Italian an advantage)
Please apply here: