PalFish English Tutor

How Do I Get Started With PalFish?

Getting started with PalFish is incredibly easy and can be done in just 7 simple steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by downloading their app from this link here. Type in your phone number and they’ll send you a text message for a link for either iOS or Android devices to download the app.

2. Write an introduction. Your account needs to be verified before you can begin giving lessons. This is to ensure that there’s nothing inappropriate listed on your profile. On your introduction page, be sure to include what would make you a great teacher and why English students should choose to learn from you.

PalFish realizes that the best way to improve any foreign language skill is to practice it by speaking. The app was originally designed for Chinese students in particular, but anybody wishing to practice can join.

With PalFish, you can set your rates anywhere from .5 to 5 RMB per minute ($4.80 to $45.60 per hour). The average rate is at 1.5 RMB, which is equal to $13.80 per hour, much higher than minimum wage!

If it’s your first time on the app, we recommend starting a bit lower than the 1.5 RMB average until you get a few positive reviews. From there, it’s quite easy to still take in regular students while gradually increasing your pay.

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