Preplesson Teacher Platform

Getting Started

What is Preplesson?

Preplesson allows people to video chat with teachers from around the world. Our teachers are available 24/ 7, available on all time zones and are prepped to give their best at language education.

How can I teach at Preplesson?

You can always teach and learn at the same time at Preplesson. The sign up system is the same for both teachers and students. Students select what they want to learn, and if you want to teach, just select what languages and what levels you can teach at your profile page.

You can start teaching immediately if you choose to teach casually, but if you choose to teach professionally, we will review your profile for quality purposes.

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How do I attract more students?

Create a professional profile
As your profile is the only way students know about you, it is very important for you to spend time optimizing your information. Good profiles should avoid spelling mistakes; have a high- quality, professional profile picture, and a good video introduction. You can always use the self recording system of your video introduction on your profile page. If you log in from Facebook, your profile picture may not be the most professional picture, and you may think about changing it.

Prepare a specific introduction
Include as much information as you can; what topics can you teach, what tests you can prepare students for?

Lower your prices
Think about lowering your prices or even teaching for free for a few classes until you get some reviews. As you gain more reputation, you can increase your prices gradually.

Contribute to the wall
Participating in the wall will earn you visibility. Correct grammar mistakes, answer questions of students. This is an indirect way of attracting more students as not only students who write in the wall will contact you, someone else reading your posts may contact you.

Write about anything on the wall
Write an article on language learning. This will show the students you care about what you do and will spark up interest.

Search students from student list
You can message potential students about yourself.

Do not spam
You can always message students and let them know about your teaching skills but nobody wants to get spam mails. Message them only if you are sure you are a good fit to their language learning needs.

What are minimum requirements to meet in order to join Preplesson as a professional teacher?

Professional teachers should be very knowledgeable in their language field, and have the ability to teach. We think limiting professional teachers to only language teachers would waste a lot of potential in teaching. You can be a businessman, who would be good with business terms, or kindergarten teacher who is good with children, and you would still be accepted as a professional teacher.

Who can be a teacher at Preplesson?

Preplesson accepts professional and casula teachers. Professional teachers are expected to have studied in the field they are teaching, and are generally offering lessons at a higher rate.

When professional teachers add lessons, Preplesson checks this teacher to see if they are qualified to teach as professionals.


Casual teachers can be anybody who can have a conversation in any language. High school students to housewifes, everybody is welcome to have some nice chat and make friends and make some money along the way.

When will my professional lesson be approved?

We try to keep at least one team member online all the time, so we approve professional lessons pretty quickly.

Can I teach only for tests?

Yes, when adding lessons, choose professional lessons and the test preparation option, and a new menu with tests will open, you can select among them. You can also add other tests if they are not on the list.

How do I know when someone books a lesson with me?

We will send you an e- mail when somebody makes a reservation with you.

Can I teach a structured lessons with a ready syllabus?

Yes, you can. We offer many ready structured lessons, try any of them.

How much does it cost to become a teacher?

Nothing. You don’t pay to be a teacher at Preplesson. Students pay you when you give lessons.


What happens if I forget my password?

Please click on this link to reset your password.

Can I deny lessons to students?

Yes, if there is anybody you don’t want to have a lesson with, just click on their profile and you will see the “Ban” icon on the righthand side of the page.

What are my obligations toward preplesson and the students?

You need to behave well and decent. Any misuse of this website can be prosecuted and you can be denied of services of the website.

What browsers does Preplesson support?

We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox. Our built in video program may have problems running on other browsers.

What if I move to another country?

If you move, please update your account information on “Account settings”. Timezone information is especially important.

My internet connection may be too slow, can I still use Preplesson?

Preplesson is meant to use live video while teaching, however, if your internet connection is too slow, you can turn off video and use sound only. This should be suitable for even the lowest speeds.

What connection speed do I need?

Audio only:

Minimum : 30 kbps download, 30 kbps upload.
Recommended : 100 kbps download, 100 kbps upload

Audio plus video:

Minimum : 128 kbps download, 128 kbps upload.
Recommended : 300 kbps download, 300 kbps upload

You can test your speed here:

Getting Paid

How much can I earn?

This depends on how much time you are going to spend teaching at Preplesson. There are teachers who teach 10+ lessons every week, at prices of 40 USD. This would gather an income of around 1300-1400 USD per month.

How much should I charge?

Check out what other teachers are charging. Casual teachers tend to charge around 10-30 USD per lesson, while professional teachers have a wider range of prices. The best way would be to start teaching at a lower price, and gradually increase your prices when you gain more reviews.

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How often do I get paid?

Preplesson makes payments to all teachers on Wednesdays every two weeks given that Wednesday is not a public holiday in the USA. If it is a national holiday, payments will be done on the day national holiday ends.

Your lesson should end at least one week before that Wednesday to be eligible for that payday. If, for example, your lesson ends on a Monday, two days before our normal payday, your payment will be processed in 16 days.

How do packages work?

Packages are group of lessons which you can purchase at (usually) a lower price. All teachers have 5 or 10 lesson packages. You can always purchase lesson packages from teachers, usually at a discount. Teachers may choose different discounts for 5 and 10 lesson packages, so they are usually better value. You should use your lessons in your package in one year.

How does the reference system work?

When you log in to, please click on the affiliation program link, you can see your individual reference link. You can copy paste this link onto any social media. When any student who click on this link and get directed to to purchase any lessons, you will be awarded 5% of the value of the lesson. The payment is done directly to your Preplesson account one hour after the lesson is finished. You can then claim this by requesting payment to Paypal. You don’t have to purchase lessons to use this award, so all bloggers are welcome.

How will I be payed?

Go to “Wallet” and withdraw money. Then you can either request a bank transfer at a cost of 10 USD per transaction, or you can claim your earnings by Payza. Payza offers a high level of security and is cheaper compared to more famous payment portals. You will need to confirm your e- mail address and we will send the money to Payza to be claimed by your e- mail address only. You can open an account at Payza easily and collect your money using your e- mail address. In the meantime, Payza will send you an e- mail to let you know Preplesson has sent money to you.

What happens if my student cancels a lesson?

If a student cancels a lesson 24 hours before a lesson, the full amount is returned to the student. If a student cancels after this, they will get a 50% refund, and you will be awarded 50% of the value of the lesson.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

If you are sure you won’t be able to attend the lesson, you can cancel it and ask your student to make a new reservation.

What is a trial lesson?

Trial lessons are 30 minutes long and they are half the price of the lowest priced lesson of the teacher. Preplesson sometimes organizes campaigns for free trials, and every student may have 5 free trial lessons from 5 different teachers. Students can not have more than one trial lesson with one teacher. After a total of 5 free trial lessons, other trial lessons are not free but still half priced.

Can I use a third party application?

No, you may not direct students to other sites or programs. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your account.


How do I give trial lessons for half price?

Go to “My lessons” and tick the box that says I would like to give trial lessons for half price.

What is same day teaching?

On calendar settings, you can choose to whether teach on same day or not. If you choose so, you agree to teach on the day a booking is made by students. If not, any reservation will be accepted at least 24 hours prior to the booking.

Are we on the same time as my teacher/ student?

It doesn’t matter where you are from, Preplesson automates timezones, so you always see someone’s calendar on your own timezone.

What is the color blind option?

If you turn on the color blind mode, all colors of the calendar change to easily seen colors by color blinds. All male members of our team are color blinds so we thought we should implement this feature.


Color blinds of the world unite!!!

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Starting the lesson

Can I preload any files that I can use during lesson?

Yes, when adding a lesson, just choose any files you would like to send to the student. During the lesson, the student can download these files.

What happens if I miss my lesson?

At the beginning of the lesson, both the teacher and the student has to click the “I am ready for lesson” button. When one of the parties click this, the other party has 15 minutes to do so. If the other party fails to do this, the lesson is cancelled and the fee is returned to the student immediately.

If you know that you are going to be late for the lesson, you can always cancel the lesson by clicking on your future reservations, and make a new reservation.

If a teacher repeatedly his/her lesson for a few times, Preplesson may ban the teacher from the site.

What happens if my connection is lost during a lesson?

If you lose your connection, go to “Reservations I received” and click on your current lesson. If you lose connection again, simply renew the page.

Somebody made a reservation with me, what do I do now?

We will send you e- mails when somebody makes a reservation. Same e- mail will remind you 24 hours before the lesson, 1 hour before the lesson, also at the start of the lesson. (You can manage these in “Preferences”)

All you have to do is have your browser open at the time of the lesson, and it will automatically take you to the video page. When you arrive at the video page, just click on “I am ready for lesson” and you will be ready for your student to arrive. You will be asked to allow the use of your camera and microphone, please allow these.

If your connection is down or you close your browser for some reason, just click on “Reservations” and find your lesson, click on it and you will directed to the video page.


During the lesson

How long are the lessons?

All lessons are one hour long. Preplesson allows for slightly longer lesson times because teachers and students maybe a little late sometimes. It is the teacher’s duty to end the lesson in one hour.

How are lessons delivered?

All lessons are live, one one one with teachers. There is no need for a 3rd party program, the lessons are done at Preplesson via the video program at the website. Just book your lesson and log on to Preplesson at the time of your lesson, and we will direct you to your virtual classroom. You need to allow the use of your microphone and camera when your lesson starts.

Who decides what is to be learned in which order?

Every teacher has a different style of teaching. We encourage students to book a trial lesson with teachers before booking more lessons. This way you can ask them about their program. Some teachers also offer ready structured lessons tailored for specific needs. You can book these lessons for increase specialty.

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