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To sign up, you’ll need an e-mail address or Facebook account. To sign up click here

Create a tutor profile

Once you have logged in, you will be asked to accept the rules of the site. After accepting our site rules, you can fill out a form to create a tutor profile. According to platform statistics, tutors who fill out all of the profile fields in detail receive twice as many student requests than those who do not.

Approval of tutor’s profile

Preply will manually verify and approve each tutor’s profile. During the veriification process, we pay close attention to the level of profile completeness, as well as assess the quality and qualifications of each tutor. In accordance with site rules, it is prohibited to mention any contact information in the profile description fields (full name, address, phone number and other contact details). We reserve the right not to approve a tutor profile without explanation.

Receiving and processing requests

The potential student will send you a personal request containing basic information such as the location of a lesson, his/her age and language level, and the approximate time of the lesson.

Accepting a request

When you accept a request, you confirm your willingness to conduct lessons with the student. This opens the possibility for the student to pay for the first lesson. We ask tutors to choose carefully when accepting requests, as taking on too many requests or requests for which the tutor is not entirely qualified or comfortable leads to student dissatisfaction with the service and requests for refund

Clarifying request details

If you need more information to make a decision about whether to accept a request, you can use the private messaging system. Site rules do not allow disclosure of your name, contact information, or social media accounts in private messages until the student pays for his or her first lesson. If the system has mistakenly blocked you during correspondence with a student, please contact technical support. Please note that while accepting the request of a student, you are free to change the price of the first lesson (which will be the standard price for all further lessons) for that particular student. We recommend you to do it after consultation with the potential student. Once you accept the request, it will no longer be possible to change the price for this student.

Denial of request

If the request does not suit you, reject it. You will save both your and the student’s time and improve your own response speed time.

Working with the Lessons system

The Lessons systems helps tutors work with packet payments. Working with this system is mandatory for all Skype tutors. We also recommend using it to local tutors who are interested in improving their rating and increasing their number of incoming requests.

Adding the first lesson

After the first lesson is complete, you must add it to the system. This will earn you 3 points. After rating the lesson, an offer to the student to buy more package hours is made. According to the rules of our platform, the cost of the first lesson is a commission to the Preply.

Prepayment of the lesson (bundle payments)

When you are in My Lessons section, the number of prepaid hours is indicated. Students can prepay for 5, 10, 15 or 20 hours at his or her discretion. For those students who buy packages of 10 hours or more, we offer discounts. Before carrying next lessons, please make sure that student has made a package payment for these within our payment system.

Crediting funds to a tutor account

We credit the funds to the tutor’s account as the lessons are carried out. To receive payment for a lesson, it is necessary to submit it in My Lessons section. After submitting the lesson, we will send the student a request for confirmation. if we detect any fraudulent activity, access to the account balance and the profile of the tutor will be immediately blocked.

Withdrawals from an account

To withdraw from your account, you can use the «Withdrawals» section, which will open the popup with possible payout options. You can withdraw funds from internal account in the following ways:

  • Direct transfer to Prepaid MasterCard® from Payoneer.
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;


For unscrupulous tutors who try to bypass the system of package lessons, penalties and ultimately removal from the platform might be applied.

Formation of tutor rating

Your position in the search is the main factor determing your success on the platform. According to our statistics, more than 50% of all requests are received by tutors who are displayed on the first page of the search results. Since the launch of the platform, some of our tutors who were in the top of the search results had to double prices of their lessons, because they were overwhelmed with the amount of interested students

Getting reviews

After 14 days from the date of payment of the first lesson, the student can leave a review about the tutor. The student will be notified via email, as well as via the request page. If the student did not leave a review, feel free to remind the student yourself.

Working with Find Students section

In the Students section, we publish job offers from students. You can fill up free time slots in your schedule by actively promoting yourself to potential students.

Subscription to offers and updates

For your convenience, the platform enables you to receive notifications about new job offers in your city or by Skype to your email.

To activate notifications, please do the following:

  • Visit the Students section
  • In the “Location” section drop-down menu, select your city or “By Skype”
  • Check the “Receive notifications about new vacancies to your email” checkbox

To deactivate notifications

  • Visit the Students section
  • In the “Location” section drop-down menu, select the city from which you do not want to receive notifications
  • Uncheck the “Receive notifications about new vacancies to your email” checkbox

Applying for the offer

To apply for offers, you need to write a message. To do this select the job offer in which you are interested and click “Show more” or the job offer headline. Write your message and click “Send a message”. After sending a message, the new request with your conversation will be created in the My Requests section of the website.


We have the following limitations in this section:

  • Tutors cannot apply to the job offer until they complete their profiles to 70%. You can check your profile completeness in the Statistics section
  • Tutors, who have completed their profiles to 70% and an average number of hours spent with a student on the platform below or equal to 3, can apply to up to 5 job offers
  • Tutors with their profiles completed to 70% and an average number of hours spent with student on the platform above 3 can apply to unlimited number of job offers

Technical recommendations

We recommend using the following browsers to work with the website:

  • Chrome;
  • Firefox;
  • Opera;
  • Safari.

If you use ad-blocking plugins, we recommend to disable them, as they may interfere with the functioning of the site.

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