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2) a comprehensive system of quality training;
(3) can participate in various types of English training courses, improve the quality of the work of the industry, the United States and the United States, English proficiency; within six months to reach basic communication with foreigners accessibility;
(4) to work easily and without having to go home to visit customers; company effective list, without having to dig their own employees customers;
(5) a broad space for development, including marketing , marketing, management and other aspects;
(6) preferential treatment: paying bottom gold + performance bonus + record bonus + team bonus + target bonus + year-end bonus + social security + company activities, travel + sectoral activities, travel + foreign travel + birthday gift or Bonus + wedding red envelopes + lost love
1. To provide students with Q & A guidance, the new students to visit the contact.
2. To help students solve the difficulties encountered in class.
3. With simple English and help foreign teachers to solve the problem.
4. Other work related to the course.
1 Love the education industry, like English, willing to challenge high salaries
2. Good ability to express, interpersonal and language skills
3. Strong sense of responsibility and execution, full of enthusiasm, motivated and team awareness

Working hours: Morning and evening classes, working 8 hours a day, week off 2 days. Recruitment
number: send some
resume to hr@kuaikuenglish.com

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