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Why Use IvyBound International?

We have a proven success record among our International clients. We will managed all aspects of your home-stay program, your college preparatory experience and your corporate travelling business needs.

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IvyBound 2 Week Summer ESL Program


IvyBound 4 Week Summer ESL Program


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  • VISA documentation, insurance, financials, TOEFL PREP, Tutoring services, temporary housing, full immersion programs, Orientation and training for hosts and students.
  • Monthly reporting and monitoring of hosts and students provided to over seas partners.
  • Incoming and outgoing student transportation needs.
  • Ancillary student services: Short Immersion, Summer ESL programs, Open E I week, 2 Week, and 4 week programs. 3 month programs, half-year and full year. Athletic camps, Team Camps, Cheer, music and theater.
  • Participants attend full day activities specific to skill building and fun filled weekend day trips and evening excursions.

About Us

Ivybound International is a team of dedicated professionals providing exemplary service to our international students, host families, schools, and overseas partners. With branch offices in Los Angeles California, Orlando Florida, Boston Massachusetts and New York, we can accommodate a wide range of needs.