The most effective way to teach the Letter L sound to Chinese students when teaching ESL online

The letter L sound is hard for some ESL students in Asia. It is easier to teach than most people think when teaching students in China. Tell them to say the musical note “LA” or to sing the words la, la, la, la. Once they have a grasp of that sound, tell them to hold the “L”, by now they will know how the tongue has to be placed at the top of your mouth close to their teeth. It can take time, but this is a very effective way to teach it.

Also, imitation is the key when teaching ESL students online. A student needs to see it modeled first. Model it slowly and make sure you have the correct placement of the tongue. Here is a fun video teaching the Letter L sound.

Letter L Sound Video

Furthermore, find some fun tongue twisters that you can practice with the student near the end of the lesson. It’s fun and you’re helping them practice a sound that might be hard for them.


If anyone has other ideas on how to teach the Letter L sound effectively please post it in the comments section below. Happy Teaching!


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