Can You Get Paid to Teach English Online?

For many people, teaching English is more than just a job: it’s all about creating a career path. Learning English is a major part of the working world today, and is one of the main reasons why people invest in working in Western nations. As one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, being able to speak English puts you in pretty significant demand. With that in mind, then, it might surprise you that more people don’t invest time and effort into being an English tutor.

That is because put simply, the competition has become so excessively vast that the days of being able to get a ‘normal’ teaching job are quite slim. With so many people looking to work in public and private sector education, the avenues and opportunities that many people once thrived off of are gone. This is a major issue, and one of the main reasons why people are choosing to look to English teacher jobs online.

What puts most people off, though, is the pay. Surely you can earn more money when you are working as a paid English teacher through a contract or through employment. However, that isn’t always the case, in fact. Most people can actually find an equally, if not more, secure way of paying the bills by using online teaching avenues to make it so. Most people can find that, with the wealth of people who would rather learn at their own pace rather than invest in a full-time course, that people are out there.

Also, one of the main reasons why the English teacher jobs online have exploded is due to the kind of student. You aren’t going to be teaching young kids who it can be harder to determine their progress. Instead, you are teaching adults – students, professionals, that kind of thing. It allows you to be more methodical and a touch more adult in the coaching and thus make sure that they are learning at a pace that is both suitable and effective.

Being able to teach English online is very liberating from the tutors’ viewpoint, too. You can easily make sure that you are seeing genuine progress and understanding of where your students are at. You can build a better rapport with them which is vital for making sure that you can get a clear and cohesive strategy from your students.

All of this is exceptionally important in making sure you can have a clear and consistent message being put forward. By working with us, we help to make sure that you can see a more progressive and enjoyable level of progress, helping you to really stretch beyond where you are at present. If you are a tutor who feels like you are struggling to get through to your students, then consider going for any job teaching English online.

It can be liberating, financially rewarding and even more secure in a world where standard forms of education are beginning to fall behind.

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂




As teachers of English teacher jobs online, we often assume that our students have a basic understanding of English learning strategies. Because of this, we may give students general guidelines and strategies instead of being explicit and providing much needed examples. Remember that your students don’t have the training or pedagogical background that you do, nor have they spent countless hours studying language acquisition.

One tidbit of advice that I gave to my students when I was teaching in Myanmar was to make sure that they spent a lot of time thinking in English. But in a get paid to teach English online jobs, that advice in and of itself might not enough because these students are still kids. If I expected them to really put my advice into practice, I had to specifically give them examples of ways in which they could incorporate this into their daily life.

Below are some of the tangible ways that can ensure that your students will be thinking of English outside of the classroom.

Set up English speaking peer groups

We know that in a teach English jobs online, in order to learn a language, students have to practice speaking to others in authentic situations. Setting up peer groups is one fun way to facilitate and encourage this. Just as content area teachers assign group projects pertaining to their content area, ESL teachers can assign group projects with the goal of increasing the amount of time students spend in meaningful communication outside of class. I would pick specific locations for them to meet like coffee house, restaurant, or the local park. This was they were natural exposed to different situations to use English.  

As with any group project, you should be purposeful in how students are grouped in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Also, there should be some sort of final product — as well as several smaller ones along the way — to give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they’re doing and learning. These products will also allow you to adequately supervise, assess and advise them along the way.

Effective Utilization of library

Reading teachers understand that reading as much as possible is a major key to improving reading fluency. This is also true for gaining reading fluency in another language. Unfortunately, not all students will have access to English books at their level, and others will need assistance in choosing books that are appropriate for their specific reading levels and interests.

Effective utilization of library is one way to make sure your students have access to an adequate amount of reading materials for at-home reading practice. Accessing virtual libraries like Open Library and Lit2Go is another option to consider, especially if your resources are limited.

Limiting Teacher Talking Time

As a teacher of English teacher jobs online, you probably know all the research regarding decreasing TTT and ensuring that student talking time is maximized. The research behind this is substantial to say the least, and I dare not attempt to touch on all of it here. However, I do want to point out that the more opportunities you give your students to speak in class, the more likely it is that they’ll be using the language as often as possible outside of the classroom.

By maximizing student talking time, you’re demonstrating to your students that they have an active role to play in the conversation and English learning as a whole. With that idea instilled in them, they’re more likely to play a more active role in learning the language outside of your classroom.

Make your classroom speaking and listening experiences as authentic as possible

Some experts wholeheartedly believe that, when it comes to language learning, the words “classroom” and “authentic” are incompatible. This is probably true in many situations. However, in a teach English jobs online, I do think that it’s possible to strategically incorporate authentic speaking and listening time into your lessons and meet your learning objectives at the same time.

The key to this is pretty simple: build opportunities for your students to talk about things that interest them. This will show them that you’re interested in what they have to say and what they like. Maintain a positive and encouraging atmosphere for these experiences to take place and don’t be afraid to get off track (you can always get back on track later). After all, the overall goal isn’t for the students to learn scripts or how to answer questions correctly. We want them to ultimately be comfortable with spontaneous, authentic communication. The way to get there is to practice spontaneous, authentic communication!

These few points can go a long way in impacting your kids with the basic English language skills they require by keeping their minds open and with the desire of practicing on their own.

Happy Teaching! Teacher Daniel 🙂