Are Online TEFL Teaching Jobs Worth Pursing?

For years, lecturers, teachers, and tutors have watched with some dismay as the education industry has struggled. A global problem, many people find themselves working in conditions and with resources, they wouldn’t wish upon their most fearsome rival. It is for this reason, then, that the world of online ESL teaching has become so incredibly powerful.

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For example, online TEFL teaching jobs are now far more available, accessible and potentially stable than those standard ESL teaching roles. If you want to work in a sustainable environment that isn’t subject to barbaric cuts, then looking at home-based online ESL teaching jobs is well worth your time.

Teach ESL Online From Anywhere

This matters for a whole host of reasons. For one, you can find more employment chances. No more sitting around waiting for a call from the supply list: you can get right in there, helping people. You are no longer waiting around for a teacher to leave or for hours to be made available so that you can be more than a mere classroom assistant, too.

By the same token, online TEFL teaching jobs tend to be very open to your own abilities. For example, you have far greater control over:

  • When and where students work with you. Sick of students who look like they could fall asleep mid-lesson? This is by far and away the easiest way to make sure you only work together when they are motivated to learn and alert.
  • The earning potential you have. With hours only limited by how often you wish to work, home-based online teaching jobs might seem insecure but are anything but. So long as you prove yourself as an online ESL tutor and you go out of your way to help people, securing full-time employment should not be too hard. You have total control over how and when you work – no more waiting around trying to get some hours!
  • The kind of teaching in an informal environment. Then this is certainly the place to start. Home-based online teaching jobs allow you to break free from the shackles of curriculum and enjoy a much more enterprising opportunity.
  • Thanks to this, you should be closer to building a progressive and genuine classroom. Your students tend to have a richer learning experience, too, so you can be a bit more dynamic in the classroom. You also get to pick and choose who you work with, making it much easier for you to work with online ESL students who like the style of learning that you undertake. Together, all of this can make a pretty significant contribution to your growth and development overall.

Using this, you should find it far easier to build up and create a long-term in-classroom environment that is bound to give online students all the help that they could possibly need. If you want to teach people English online, then consider investing time in online TEFL teaching jobs rather than standard teaching!

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

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Is Being Online Teaching English Profitable?

For many people, getting into the act of teaching is a hard thing to do. The sheer magnitude of competition and the relative obscurity of language teaching positions can make it hard to find yourself continued employment. It’s why, for many people, the idea of online teaching English is such a useful and worthwhile expense. Not only are the opportunities for you to make a living more open-ended than they are in the ‘real’ world, but it can be very profitable in the right circumstances.

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For example, home-based online teaching jobs tend to give you the freedom to earn more according to how hard you work. Many people find that online teaching jobs can be quite a lucrative way to earn because you get the chance to build up a more realistic earnings. Rather than working for as many hours as demanded of you in a school or university setting, getting a set wage, you can earn according to the hours that you actually work.

At the same time, though, you have a major issue: you need the students to learn. On a quiet week, you could find yourself really low down in terms of what you hoped to earn. That should not be the major issue, though: with so many people out there looking to make use of the chances for English learning online, you should have no problems building up a portfolio of online ESL students.

Many locations offer the chance for you to do just this, ensuring that you can see a more cohesive and friendly opportunity to make a living. Unlike in the usual teaching industry, if you lost your job you need to wait for an opportunity elsewhere. With the web, you just sign up for a new location to begin online teaching English!

It really is the most effective way to make a living doing something that you love. It opens up the chances for you to make a more lucrative sum of money while also ensuring that you get to work for yourself. No more early starts or excessive hours after you have stopped being paid to mark content for students. With home-based online teaching jobs, you start work when a student has arranged a lesson.

This means that your way of life is far more comfortable and that you get a much better opportunity to really enjoy yourself as an online ESL tutor. No longer do you feel the excessive pressure of trying to teach kids who don’t appear to be too interested in working with you either. You get to pick students who want to be involved and who aren’t already shattered from a hard day of work.

Overall, you should find it much easier than ever before for you to see progressive change and improvement in terms of how you work. It takes a lot of time and effort to help you make the change that you require, but once you get on the path to online ESL tutoring, you’ll never return to a traditional ESL teaching job!

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Daniel 🙂

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The Benefits of Being Able to Teach English Online from Home


Are you interested in teaching English jobs? Then you should definitely look into the approach of doing so online. Online teaching gives you the perfect opportunity to get involved with teaching people, helping students and improving people’s grasp and understanding of the complex English language. However, getting into ‘traditional’ tutoring and teaching is pretty tough as the sheer volume of people involved in coaching today means the competition is immense. Getting in without academic expertise behind you can be tough, and those with willing abilities to teach English to find it hard to make a living using their skills. Thankfully, a solution exists in the form of home-based online teaching jobs.

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Home-based teaching allows you to learn from an experience that makes sure you can grow and improve for all the right reasons. If you have been itching to get involved in teaching and want to help teach English as a second language, you have to know how it can help you in the first place. Let’s take a closer look at why home based online teaching jobs in English can be such a useful way to help improve your overall control of a student’s path to succeed long-term.

For one, you can give every student the right kind of attention and detail. When trying to manage a large classroom, everyone gets a few moments of your time. This stops you from helping people overcome their own specific weaknesses and issues with the English language, though. When you hire someone to help you out, it soon becomes so much easier to work with generally.

Also, you can make sure that the student is more comfortable. The teacher-student dynamic should never be underestimated, and the online teaching English jobs you can take up help to solidify that. Now, you can both work together and enjoy a much more cohesive, comfortable relationship. A student that feels comfortable is a student that is going to really enjoy them in the classroom. With that in mind, you can take that all-important next step forward together to ensure they are learning at the right pace.

Speaking of pace, both teacher and pupil will benefit from online teaching English jobs due to this. Since you work together so closely, you can make a faster rate of progression. No more time wasted and no more messing around: with this, you can ensure that everyone is learning properly. You can avoid feeling frustrated or as if you are having time wasted mainly, and the student can see more progress as you work with them one-to-one.

It’s because of this, then, that you can begin to see a genuine and cohesive change in the way that you work and how you operate. Thanks to this kind of progression and improvement, you should find it much easier to start building a new path forward for both teacher and pupil. If you are interested in helping as many people as you can through your English language tutoring, going online makes perfect sense.

Happy Teaching 🙂

Teacher Daniel 

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Motivation has long been a major problem for most teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) or as a foreign language not only teaching ESL online but also elsewhere.

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Motivation in the ESL classroom is easily one of the most important factors as I’m sure most teachers would agree with me. The main reason I’m coming to this point of view is that most of our students have low motivation to learn English. In addition to that, while most of them have a vague sense that whether “English will be useful for my future” or not, they don’t have a clear idea of what that means, nor is that a very strong motivator; it’s too vague and too far off.

The first step in tackling the problem of motivation is that the teachers need to understand and appreciate the role and importance of motivation in any learning this might be advantageous when searching for the best teaching online jobs.

In second language learning as in every other field of human learning, motivation is the critical force which determines whether a learner embarks on a task at all, how much energy he devotes to it, and how long he perseveres. It is a complex phenomenon and includes many components: the child’s drive, need for achievement and success, curiosity, desire for stimulation and new experience, and so on. These factors play a role in every kind of learning situation.

The Error Correction 

In a home-based online teaching job, It is always asked whether we should correct all students’ errors, whenever they occur. The reasonable answer is that if we stop at every single error and treat it with no room for errors to take place, this will lead to a gap of communication and students will be too much afraid of making mistakes. Hence, due to being too much obsessed with making errors, students will be too much reluctant to participate.Thus, Teachers should be aware of when to correct errors and how to do that without any hurt and humiliation. In a learner-centered classroom, it should be better to correct errors, which students make unconsciously, whenever there is a gap of communication or when not treating the error will result in a misunderstanding of the idea expressed.

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Concerning the ways of how to correct errors, there are several techniques which the teacher, who is seen as the monitor, should choose from them according to the type of the error and task where the incorrect form of language occurs. Among these ways of correction, we can state self-correction, peer correction, and teacher correction.


This is another technique to teach English jobs online so to vary the pace the lesson and to respond to the fundamental notion of variety in teaching. Teachers are advised to use the role- play activity in order to motivate their students and to help the less motivated learners take part in the lesson. Besides, certain tasks in the student’s book are followed by a role-play activity where it becomes a necessity to undergo such an activity. As good examples of that, we can state: the hide (item) and guessing game, dramatize an interview of customer and shop assistant, doctor and patient conversation, etc…

Using realia, flash cards, Stories and songs in teaching 

Realia and flash cards are considered as important tools in teaching for every best teaching online jobs, especially a foreign language, since they play the role of a facilitator in teaching new vocabularies such as fruits, vegetables, clothes items, etc… Besides, they are very helpful in drawing especially beginners’ attention to follow and match new words to items. In addition, realia is an authentic material that helps the teacher to overcome classroom artificiality. Creating stories with the students is another way of developing speaking and writing skills. Actually, creating stories is grounded in the students’ ability to create a story from their personal experience. In creating stories, some issues are revealed, such as a) fluency, b) whether the students have enough language to create the story, and c) accuracy.

Teachers in a home based online teaching jobs are able to demonstrate techniques of using songs in different ways to teach grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and community building because the students like songs and they motivate the students to learn the English language in an interesting way. Teachers can elicit students’ ideas about the song through activities such as prediction, mind maps, word splashes, etc. Students discuss questions such as the feelings in the song, what will happen next, etc. and write their responses in an interesting manner. Students may write and present how the song makes them feel and then draw a picture of their feelings while listening to the song. Teachers respond to this presentation and ask questions. Then, feedback is provided.

Happy Teaching!    Teacher Daniel 🙂

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ESL Teaching Jobs and the Effect of a Tiger Mom in the Classroom

Tiger Mom

Even if you were horrified at the idea of hovering over your child as Amy Chua did in her polarizing 2011 bestseller “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” I’m betting there was a part of you that looked at her perfect children with at least a tinge of envy. As portrayed in the book, Chua’s magic formula of no playdates, no TV and always being No. 1 in everything (except for gym and drama, of course) ended up producing two girls who were straight-A students and who also were wildly talented in music. Oh, and they both ended up going to Harvard University.

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Critics predicted that daughters Sophia and Lulu would end up being “mentally ill, friendless robots,” according to a recent “where are they now” profile in the Telegraph. Instead, they ended up being “polite, modest and thoughtful” as well as successful, the article says, and they remember their childhood as tough – but happy.

But are the sisters the norm or exception to this type of parenting?

A new study out of the notoriously high-pressure, high-performing Asian city-state of Singapore takes a stab at this question and comes to worrisome conclusions. The research, published in the Journal of Personality, involved 263 children in primary school who was 7 years old when it began and were followed for five years from 2010 to 2014.

The work looks at the dark side of perfectionism – maladaptive perfectionism, in research parlance – and how this develops in schoolchildren.

To teach ESL online from anywhere might look easy, but at the extreme end of the spectrum, parents with what they called highly intrusive behavior can frustrate an ESL teaching jobs by taking over the class to retract a move made by the child.

Children with intrusive parents were more likely to be overly critical of themselves, and this tendency increased over the years. And that high or increased level of self-criticism was correlated to elevated levels of depression or anxiety.

Also, in a home-based online teaching job when parents become intrusive in their children’s lives, it may signal to the children that what they do is never good enough. As a result, the child may become afraid of making the slightest mistake and will blame himself or herself for not being ‘perfect.’ Over time, such behavior, known as maladaptive perfectionism, may be detrimental to the child’s well-being as it increases the risk of the child developing symptoms of depression, anxiety and even suicide in very serious cases.

Research shows that that huge numbers of children exhibited some maladaptive thinking about themselves. Sixty percent were classified as high or increasing in “self-criticalness” and 78 percent of the children as high in “socially prescribed perfectionism.” The majority – 59 percent – had both. Self-criticalness is a measure of concern about one’s own imperfections and mistakes. Socially prescribed perfectionism refers to a belief that one needs to meet unrealistically high expectations.

Previous studies have also been critical of overly intrusive parenting.

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Earlier this year, one study by Erica Musser, an assistant professor of psychology at Florida International University, looked at why some children tend to lose a diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in their teenage years while it persists in others and were surprised to find that high levels of harsh, negative statements during interviews with researchers appeared to be associated with the continuance of ADHD symptoms.

If you must be a Tiger Mom, encourage rather than pressure children

As characterized by being very emotional about a child and doing things such as using references to when talking about the child’s activities or actions – had an impact on the continuation of ADHD symptoms. (Who hasn’t met that annoying parent who says things like “we’re doing baseball in the spring, and we don’t have time for soccer”?)

With respect to teaching ESL online from anywhere, It is emphasized that there’s an important distinction between parental involvement and over-parenting. For a home-based online teaching job, while parental involvement might be the extra boost that students need to build their own confidence and abilities, over-parenting appears to do the converse in creating a sense that one cannot accomplish things socially or in general on one’s own.

Similarly, those college students with ‘helicopter parents’ had a hard time believing in their own ability to accomplish goals. They were more dependent on others, had poor coping strategies and didn’t have soft skills, like responsibility and conscientiousness throughout college.”

Hong, an assistant professor of psychology at the National University of Singapore, said that parental intrusiveness manifests itself in simple everyday ways: by parents having very high expectations of their children’s academic performance and demonstrating this by urging the child to get good grades or overreacting when a child does something wrong.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what ESL teachers must deal with in an online ESL classroom.

Happy Teaching! —–Teacher Daniel


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